A-Groove Ryu video


Youtubed, see first post.

Good shit. =]

In this case, Ryu is alot better than Ken.
Ken is quick, using his hadoken motioned LK’s to gain meter, and he’s quicker than Ryu, but in CVS2 cases, Ryu does ALOT more damage, his A groove can punish Ken’s A Groove anyday. (i’m talking the forward HK he can use to poke for maximum damge, while Ryu has that A Groove done by Gunter on the first video he posted up earlier.)

where’d you get that pic of ryu at the beginning :P?

it’s in one of the SF3 secret file series iirc.

Thanks all for watching.

I don’t know where the Ryu pic comes from exactly, but I’ve heard it’s old Street Fighter EX artwork.

Yeah, The picture’s from the artbook capcom made.

Nice vid, Easier Than expected and Good.