A-groove Ryu?

Ive decided to switch my groove to A and i would like to know if anybody has any CCs for him. I know that A Ryu is a very odd character and that it is very rare for anybody to see him but i would be very thankful if anybody has any CCs they would like to share with me.

THANK YOU!!! :smiley:

Bleh…well im starting to doubt if i should even use A-Ryu now since nobody has and CCs with him…but i have been hard at work trying to figure something out because as powerful as he is im pretty sure he has to have at least one damaging CC.
All that i have for a starter is jump in Hp activate DP Hurricane Kick land before they do Dp Hk right before they hit the ground HPx2 jump HK MK Hurricane Kick Do the same thing again. DP Follow with hurricane kick in the air HPx2 Shinku hoaduken.

Im not sure on the damage but i looked decent i think…lol
Well i hope if anybody i mean anybody can plz give me some tips of their own CCs…

Thank you!!! :smiley:

this thread is lonely. i don’t really play a but i know you can use ryus’s forward and fp attack over and over and finish it with a super of your choice. it does crap damage though.

his best cc is lp shoryuken cancel into hurricane kick, repeat until corner, and super. i’m not sure if it only works as anti air though.
sorry i couldn’t help you a little more. again, i’m just telling you the few things i’ve seen with a ryu. i don’t think he’s a really viable character. play a sak! :rolleyes:

That isn’t his best CC… and don’t listen to him! Stick to A-Ryu! There’s already enough A-Sakuras in the world. Be an innovator! :slight_smile:

Good damage CC is HP DP, and cancel into something that moves you forward (Hopkick, roll, rushpunch) before you leave the ground and then do it again and again. You’ll have to mix up your moves that bring you forward for proper spacing. End with super.

Bad news is that this is really tight CC and if you mess up once it’s over. IF you’re going for this one all the time and keep fucking it up, well, sucks to be you. I don’t recommend you try to rely on this one until your really get it down.

The other CC mentioned [HP DP, superfly RH hurricane] until corner, straight jump RH’sxN if you like, then super is MUCH easier, but of course doesn’t give as much.

Then he has other ground BS CCs like that rushpunchxN or [d.HP into hopkick]xN but eh…

Search more in this ryu thread and you’ll prolly find more.

Thanks dude i was really actually going to give up on Ryu but you made me still want to give him a try…Yeah that one CC that u have to DP the Hurricane kick is pretty hard but thanks for your support and yeah…there are too many A sakuras!!!:cool:D

some notes on A Ryu

you can only do hp upper then forward hopkick twice…b4 you have to hp upper, roll…the hop kick doesn’t move you forward enough on the third one.

Full screen A groove…ground or anti air

hp dp,rush punch (whiff)x2, hp dp,hop kick (whiff)x2, hp dp,roll, then you will be in the corner and can do whatever you want. i usually do a hp upper…whiff standing lk…then jump and mash hkx2 then do ducking mp, super fireball

on the 2nd hop kick you have to wait slightly longer than you do on the first one…or else you’ll get the full dp.

Corner only…works on standing opponent only too…looks cool and i made it up so…
st. hp,st. hk, hp red fireball,hk hurricane kick, hp upper, whiff standing lk, jump and mash hkx2, land ducking mp, super fireball

i got these two combos on my combo vids if you want em…just pm me and i’ll get em to you somehow. hope this helps

activate next to the opponent…fp…rush punch into the corner (making sure that the second hit of the rush punch lands before cancelling it into the following rush punch) fireball super at the end…cool…cheessy…fun!

gay and retarded

Yeah man if you can get me those videos that would be sweet ass sweet…i really need some CCs with him to expand my A-groove people

Thanks!!!:smiley: :smiley:

Shoryuken Hp xx Hp, roll Shoryuken Hp xx Hp roll Repeat…

I have another combo but im saving it for a video and it hasnt been mentioned yet. if I cant get it on the video il post it.

i dont recommend this because it does horrible dmg but here goes.

activate, c.FP, c.RH, s.JP, (SJ.MP<–continue until theyre cornered), J. RHx6->fireball super

Does 5000-6000 i think

His best one is the rush punches imo, just make sure each f.FP does 2 hits before doing another or youll botch it

what dont u reccomend?

this does one of the most dmginf combo with ryu.

or ur talking about sum1 else?

i know nobody has posted here in a while, but here is a ground based ryu CC that i do. i believe the damage is roughly around 6500 points.
activate, c.mk, [close s.fp XX F+mk] x 4, c.mk XX F+fp[1 hit] XX F+fp[2 hits] x N, shinkuu hadouken.

you can also throw in small pauses after the hop kick and go for low c.mk/over head punch for a mix up/reset and continue on from there. that’ll give you a slight boost in damage.

I’m usually a K-Ryu whenever I play him. I’ve been using K-Groove for a long time… I get hit a lot, and K-Groove fills up from damage so it works for me.

K-Ryu is really good, C-Ryu is also a good person to use for those already good with SFA3’s A-ism Ryu. He’s practically the same, only that the Shin Shoryuken is really strong.

But, I always use K-Evil Ryu anyways…

These are the ones I usually do…

Full Screen: [DP+FP, F+MK, DP+FP, F+FP, DP+FP, roll]x2, DP+FP,
close ST.FP, FP Fireball, Shinku(super). DMG = 8276

Mid Screen & Corner: You can do the same one as above except on the 6th dragon punch cancel into a standing FP, then superjump straight up FKx5, then shinku. DMG = 8428

Yo phill, you go to FFA right?

2in1 c.medium kick to fireball,hop kick,repeat.

It’s a mistake to call simple tactics “retarded”. It only makes you feel worse when they eventually work on you.

Don’t mind me, I’m late to the party and just picked up CvS2 recently.

Fierce DP, cancel to hurricane kick on the way up (after you leave the ground), land and do [c.SP xx c.FP xx roll] to the corner and then repeated deep Jab DPs once they’re cornered into Shinkuu before the meter runs out (c.SP xx c.FP, c.SP to Shinkuu or c.SP xx s.FK to shinkuu etc).

Does a bit less damage than the other CCs mentioned (something like 45-50%…somewhere in the 6-7000 range), but I’m sure easier. Works from anywhere on screen, and also works as anti-air.

Takes a little getting used to- if you cancel to the hurricane kick too early you’ll get the ground version, but if you do it too late you’ll float too high.

And since I didn’t see it posted here, a simple corner VC is repeated Jab DPs (7), and then combo into the Shinkuu Hadouken. Does a bit more damage, somewhere in the 7000s.

For CCs from someone who actually knows how to play the game, see Gunter’s stuff:


just do the usual shit trip the modafoka and crouch punch roll crouch punc roll and find something to go from there

Made a video of some A-Ryu stuff.