A-groove sakura help



can anyone give some good tips to her cc:: her main one::…i can only do individualy dp…and i dont all ways get it…i often mess up…how do you just rotate from foward to down…and it still work…? i tryed but i cant get it…i seen people do it…its like they just mash on it…is there a timeing…?


wat do u mean by individually dp? if u can try to buffer rn the mill(main cc). after u do he first dp motion, jes repeat wth qcf. u should be able to run the mill completely about 75% better.


What is her main CC?


h.p dp is her main cc…

like instead of doing it the other way…i just do individual dp…there is a way that you can just rub the joystick from foward to down::repeat::…its to complex though…can anyone give some advice on how to do it…?



rub the stick from forward to down? dats buffering. basically its doin the whole dp motion first, and from there, jes do qcf+hp. do it fast enuff and ull get repeated shoryukens(or watever its called). do it too fast, and u get her super, do it to slow, u get fireball. also, if u cant get it down, try to find a rhythm to it


Just do one Fierce DP, and then do quick Fierce Hadoken motions over and over. You’ll be Shouo-Shouo’in that shit in no time.


hmm… hey havoc, how do u do ur runnin of mills? for me i d the holdin forward scenario from the other thread


Shit, it depends on how excited I am, and how long I’ve been on the machine.

If I pull off some real slick shit I’ll usually do it faster, like I spaz on the shit.

After a few wins, though, I do them slower.

In any event, I don’t do full DP motions. I just do one, and go into the QCF’s. I’m more precise with it that way, and there’s no penalty for using the short-cut with Sak, so that’s how I do it.


thanx…i think ill try that…


i’m not postive but i think qcf’s are less damage than continious dp’s, anyone positive on that


i think the dmg is the same as long as the hits are the same amount. . . i tried doin 5 dp usin buffered and 5 dpm. . .
they both did the sam dmg. . . however, im not sure but i think only the guardmeter is affected by buffer and dpm

ill hav to experiment wit it more wen i get full dpm down


i don’t see why – the same move comes out; and as long as you dont spaz on the buttons you cna get all of the hits in before she leaves the ground and then buffer it into another DP…

i jsut use buffer :confused: i cnat do a zillion quick DP motions

but hey – it gets the job done.