A-groove Strats... (sprinkle me)

I used to use haohmaru in A-groove, but I lost a lot because I had no idea how to strategize with him in A, besides anti blanka ball customs (thank you Gunter), anti air CC’s ect…

That was before I came upon shoryuken.

Can anyone help me out with some tips PLEASE…

I was thinking about using him instead of yuri in A also…

Thanks in advance…:slight_smile:

Look at mine

Just look at my thread im sure that will help

I like to use nuthin’ but standing HP’s, cause even if blocked the guard meter will be destroyed and the opponent is left with but a few options to get outta this

standing hp is too predictable. roll super is all you’re going to get.

good a groove strat with haoh is when the opponent jumps in, activate, low mk and start the custom. that shit kills. also, after a hk grab, empty jump cross up and activate. people will try to hit you all the time and end up paying for it.

The best thing i can tell you with A-groove Hao is just use him like u normally do…i used A-groove Hao for a really long time and he is a force to be reckoned with.
Just use ur regular ground game such as the ducking lk and ur mediums…dont forget to mix in ur overhead slash thing if you keep then ducking…if you keep doing these ducking lk’s ur can just randomly activate if you know there gonna try to throw something out and bam!! u got ur A-groove combo…and dont be using his Standing Hp alot…only use it if you see them blocking ur standing Mp and make sure there not trying to bait it!!!
I hope i helped you and didnt confuse you:lol: :lol:

what about incorporating his Super Combo in it I kept tryin that the other day and it wouldn’t work?

which super combo are u trying to incorperate? :slight_smile:

the super secret cyclone slash I think its called

are u trying to use the super in a CC or in regular combo with Hao?

I use Haomaru in A groove, and just HP, HP, HP all the way for his CC. It is kinda hard to get his super in at the end, just takes practice I guess.

besides standing HP and standing HK…what else does Hao have for CC’s?

Just change haoh’s name to jumping mountain and piss them off by standing still stuff most of there shit.

Fake tornado’s into AA’s making sure to link them J.HP’s into lk,HP DP.
I hardly use his heavy slash unless you sneak it in after a RC fake tornado or one of there moves has a shit load of start up/recover frames.

Jumping mp snuffs alot of shit 2 along with cross ups into tick throws. just basic bnb/nomarl you need to know the character before you play him shit.

What I’d like to know is whats his meatys and sam sho 2 tactics.

P.S. One of my moves that works sometimes, Fake Tornado when they jump dash under them and activate.


I’ve only seen A-Maru once. And it was Justin Wong using Mai/Vega/Haohmaru. Shit was weird. His custom is basically like any other top tier custom, just sj.hp x’s n until they hit the ground and then qcf’x 2 punch.

I thought about using him in my low tier A-Groove team…but went with Beni for some unknown reason…prolly cause I’m lazy and don’t like Sj.hp x’s n. I like standing hp x’s n better. xD