A-groove Todo

Let me first start by saying that todo is a hella fun char to play with. I personaly would never use him in a tourney, while I feel my todo is good tiers just have too much on him. With that said, I feel A-groove is Todos best groove.

My whole game with Todo revolves around the custom. I find Todo can build bar like a mad man, even when I am not really trying too. I use the Tiger knee and ground waves alot, but not in retarded places where they are easily rolled.

Ppl that like to jump alot todo will own, if he has bar but everyone knows this. Also his C.HP is decent and hits alot of shit outta the air.

Customs, Todo has like alot of although most of them are really simular to each other.

I like the following:

  1. AVT command grab [S.HPx2 C.HPx2] xn then do S.HP Jab wave XX super wave.

U can gheeto this combo out by just doing [S.HPx2 C.HPx2] xn Wave XX super wave.

U can also vary the Combo by doing S.HPx2 C.HP, or Command Grab S.HPx2 Command Grab repeat.

All this is hella basic. and a good start off. I would like some info on what r todos best moves. I use the c.mp as a poke and its seems decent enough, anyone else got anything better??

wtf?! todo? r u serious? sure you could practice practice practice and get good with him, but why the hell would you when there are so many characters with the same abilities as him anti-air chip custom etc and have much better stuff

Yo, has shit really gotten this bad?

You can use Todo in CvS2. He’s not even a bad character. I swear, unless people constantly preach how good a character is, most people have no clue about them.

Whatever. Generic Todo CC (the one I use, at least):

Grab-> activate-> s. FP x5-> [s. FP XX Jab Wave] xN XX Super

RC the grab for AA. Actually, always RC it. There’s no reason not to. Avoids any mishaps.

Yeah… uh… Activate, and cancel out of his lunge kick into the grab to blow through fireballs if you play against people dumb enough to allow this to work. Umm… I don’t know, I haven’t really played this game in months. Todo’s not bad though. Fuck the non-believers.

Hmm just for the record, the first combo video has an interesting A-Todo combo