A-Groove Vice - Some things I use

Well, since im bored, I thought I would put up some of the things I have come up with Vice while playing her in A-Groove. Some of her A-Groove’s aren’t all that effective but fun to use against your enemy, its especially humiliating if you finish them off with it, atleast for me. I’ve been playing Vice since she was first introduced in KOF…


1.) “Advanced Slayer”-
With the enemy in the middle of the stage (or anywhere that is not near the two corners of the map). You perform the Mayhem-to-Da Cide Slayer, And you keep reeling in the enemy and pounding them into the ground with it. This one has probably been discovered by many already.

2.) “Da Cide Groove”-
Its possible to do the one above, without having started off with Mayhem, and I dont just mean, wait till the enemy jumps so that you can proceed with the asskicking. If you are like 3-4 inches away from the wall and your back is facing it, you can always perform Da Cide and Da Cide Slayer, the enemy would never expect you to do this since its something I know that has been rarely seen. Tossing the enemy with Da Cide onto the opposite direction will allow you to catch them with “Da Cide Slayer”, because if you were close enough to the wall the wall would have prevented them from going any further, allowing you to get them with Da Cide Slayer and Da Cide constantly till the A-Groove
runs out.

3.) “Outrage Fest Groove”-
I think this one is mentioned in the previous topic below. But I didn’t mention it fully. If you know how to corner your enemies good then you should be able to get them with the Outrage Fest groove. You can mix it up by adding in some d+HP to uppercut them in the air higher so that you can get them Airborne with this if you started it off the ground. If you see your enemy keeps blocking it then try to enter that command grab where she tosses the enemy in the air while your forcing him to block your jumping light kicks.

4.) “Mayhem Groove”-
You can keep tackling the enemy untill it gets to the point where they have reach the wall. With this you can choose to mix it up into any of the previous Costum Combo’s I listed above. Not that effective if you keep doing it.