A-groove vice



is there anyone who has any info on what her A is? or a vid for me to see? any help is appreciated…


I`ve seen a few videos in gamecombos with some nice Vice A-groove combos, but that was a long time ago. I guess that we have to experiment now. I know some good set-ups. Now does anyone know some good combos?:slight_smile:


OK, I am currently working on the CC posted on www.namonaki.com:

Crouching hp x 3, [far standing hp, crouching hp] x 2, [far standing hp, qcb+lk(one hit)] x 5, hcbx2+k

The timing on the hps are tricky. You have to cancel the crouching hp before Vice steps back, and the crouching hp immediately into hp or else it won’t connect. Good luck on the timing!


Vice Combos…

I noticed that she has a really good cross up with short kick. Standing short does a double kick with her. I like to cross up with short from a super jump,stading fierce or standing short,the shoulder rush into the air snatch. Its a fucked up looking combo.:lol:

Anybody got any grab setups? And what groove do u think shes best in? I use her in K or P.


In corner: CC, sweep, jab, and constant repetitions of backwards tiger knee all the way to u/f Hk. Deals a lot of damage, and basically kills off the dude. Harvest did one after some setup, but i havent seen that vid in a looooong time.