A-Groove: Who has the easiest CCs?


I’m still VERY scrubby at using A-Groove, and I’d really like to develop better Custom Combos, for nearly any character.

I hate Ken as I hate all shotos, but his toward + Roundhouse seems to be one of the easiest moves with which to start a CC, thanks to its range.

I hear the following are also good with CCs:

Bison (U.S. name)
Mai??? (maybe low-damage)
Dhalsim??? (low-damage though)

I’m looking for easy setups for CCs, as well as easy moves to use in CCs. I really want to get good with this groove, but it’s going to take some time. I have been working on CCs for several characters, and Ken’s easy CC is simplest for me.

I find repeated DP attacks for Sakura VERY difficult to do during a CC w/o doing her super by accident (I often have that problem with those 2 kinds of moves).

I have trouble keeping the ground CC going with Eagle, for some damn reason…I suppose it’d be easier with a joystick, in the arcade.

I’m working on a CC with Rolento that includes using his command jump, of course, but I can’t do a high-damage CC.

I have sort of a CC with Raiden, and now have even found a setup for it, but the setup must be in the corner, and the CC must finish with the Level-1 super in the corner, in order to get maximum damage. The CC is fairly damaging, but it still is weaker than a good ol’ C-Groove combo that starts with the usual jump-in, ground attack, combo/buffer into Level-3 super, e.g… This makes my CCs generally feel like a waste of creative effort, since a decent combo in most grooves would easily equal or surpass their damage…

Balrog (boxer) seems to do a lot of damage with Dashing Punches in CCs, but it’s hard to do them repeatedly and fast enough to keep the combo going. I find charge characters hard to use when doing CCs.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get more comfortable with CCs?



  1. Go to my site and learn the basic CCs for every character.

  2. Practice (preferably on a joystick!).


Dhalsim, Benimaru, Joe, Haohmaru, Kyo, Bison/Balrog, Iori

those are some of the easiest to do (I know because I can do them)


COOL. I’d love to get good in A-Groove…perhaps the challenge itself draws me to that, and we’re not talking mad skills like Vism in A3 (I think).

thanks for the tip on the site, Gunter. Doh…I’m not sure but maybe I’ve come across your A-Groove site…well, gotta see if that was yours or not :slight_smile:


when i started playing a i picked like Ken (forward + FK all day) really damaging and easy combo


I don’t know any CC that gets more simpler than this one:

Iori: c.roundhouse x9, HCB+HK XX QCF-HCB+K


I dunno…I was guessing that was why she was so good in A-Groove: some say the best in the game that way; perhaps because she can chip so much even if they block.

'But I can’t do more than 3-4 DPs before doing the super fireball. I suppose it’s easier with a joystick? I have had that problem for a long time…I saw a tournament player do it mindlessly, but then another good player told me it’s a lot harder than it looks, as he’s tried for a long time, and he’s closer to that other guy’s skill level than I am, lol.

I guess I could work on it.

Thanks for the CCs, guys! Arigato



I don’t know what’s funnier… the people who actually make posts like mine in total seriousness, or the fact that you actually took my joke post seriously.

Guess I don’t want to leave you hanging then. Here’s how I practice Sakura CC in real life. First off, get joystick (or cvs2 EO… lol). Training mode: CC, dp+HP, stop. dp+HP x 2, stop. dp+HP x 3. Repeat until you can do 14 dps canceled one right into another perfectly. Make sure you’re getting 4 hits off each dp. Also don’t even attempt to try and link the super at the end of the CC yet. After you practice nothing but this for at least one week, then move on to CC, dp+HP xx super, stop. dp+HP x 2 xx super, stop… etc…

Always practice facing both left and right too. Don’t get discouraged if you mess up. Took me just two weeks to learn A-groove Sakura and combo with 100% accuracy using the training method I just outlined above.