A-Groove Why no r2 Sak?

Sak has good RCs, best gc cc, good crossup game. And if SBO finals are any indication, Sak has a pretty good matchup vs. Sagat. Why isn’t there more r2 Sak in A-Groove teams?


Sak can land her cc whether they are blocking or not. Bison’s GC combo isn’t as strong. Bison needs to hit his opponent with his cc where sak does not. Also bison has alot better normals than sak(s.hk). Sak already takes dmg like a bitch so why waste R2 on her?

This is about sak r2 vs r1, not vs other people. Even people that don’t play bison make her R1. Is it based on some analysis? or is everyone just following what other people do?.. that’s what this thread is designed to find out.

Personally i feel better about the matchups with sak as R1 than as R2. People usually put their best chars as R2, and i don’t agree that A-sak has the best matchups vs top tier, typically R2. While she will probably kill mid-tier R1s for free, so your team gets ahead putting her at R1.

True, I didn’t mean this to be about bison, but even as I was considering why people make sak r1 on their teams, I was wondering why she couldn’t fill a bison (anchor) role. If you have a good RC game, I can’t think of any really unfavorable matchups for sak, and she’s got a great cc–different than bison’s, but a great one. It might be worthwhile to consider bison in a-groove to learn what ratio sak should be, at least in a team also including bison. So I guess a new question is, without bison on your a-groove team, can sak fill an r2 anchor role? Or, is sak actually stronger than bison, and should she be the r2 anchor instead of bison on your a-groove team?


diminishing returns.

maybe she doesnt really do that much dmg as r2 than she does at r1, and they’re pretty much the same – i really don’t know

that being said, my sak is R2 :confused:

Well…because most people who can use Sakura will/can use Bison on their team and just him on their team. Bison has the BEST custom in the game, hands down, with a billion ways to connect it.

Actually the answer is very simple…

The damage of her CC is very similar damage wherever you have R-1 or R-2 Sakura. If the CC is blocked the damage is the same (until the Guard Crush).

Why would you use Sakura as R2 for almost the same damage as R1? Might as well give give R2 to blanka, bison, sagat or guile (or someone ele) that really takes advantage of the damage bonus of R2, while receiving almost full returns with Sakura.

There are many people that use Sakura as R2. It depends on the positioning of the team. If I use Hibiki, Sak, Bison, I usually put Bison as R2. If I use Blanka, Bison, Sak, I’ll have Sak at 2. Making her R2 isn’t for offensive purposes. It is for defensive purposes. R2 = more life. More life = more opportunity to land a CC. When I have Hibiki on my team, I have a lot of opportunities to land a CC, so sometimes my second character won’t have meter. Sakura can easily build it, so I put her second and try to leave meter for Bison. With Blanka, Bison, Sak, I try not to use meter with Blanka unless it’s guaranteed, so Bison will most likely get meter and can use it even before dying and Sak can quickly build it back. In general, I like putting my R2 last just in case I don’t do so well. I know my last character is my best chance at making a comeback because it has the extra life to help out.