A groove Yama



Post your best a groove Yama combos! Im trying to get into yama but i wanna play him a groove.


Thiz iz tha only one I have for now: Corner Opponent, Ju.hp,Activate CC: st.hp x3,cr.hk,st.hk,st.hpx3,st.hk (2-hit) x3 XX Guillotine. [7220].


I saw this custom performed by a Japanese A-Yama player, it’s pretty weak, but it IS ground based:

[c.Forward, s.Fierce, Strong Knife] xN, end with c.RH xx Guillotine.


You’re missing the overhead after the knife. That’s why he does it. It’s a confusion/reset combo.


whats the timing for doing:


I figure you gotta grab them when they bounce off the ground, but I can’t do it :frowning: is there a trick to doing this?


That only works on Dan and Rolento.


which overhead, the dp k one?


no. that would knock them down, therefore ending the combo…


soooooo… which overhead are they talkin about?


the only other one besides dp+k? f+strong…


I know this is a A-Yamazaki thread but is c.lk, Guillotine practical? I find it EXTREMELY hard to combo and sometimes gets me killed, so can he combo Guillotine from anything else or is it just better to use it without the aid of combos?:bluu:


Gunter is my hero… Sweep into activate… throw into activate…


my friend showed me a wierd combo, but it looked fairly flashy and I assume did decent damage.

Basically what he did, was assume you have an opponent in the corner crouching and blocking. He activated jumped toward his opponent as soon as he jump he mashed on RH, you can land like 7 or jump RH before you land (he is kicking that opponent on the way up, and still kicks him on the way down…), then he swept, I think it was S.MP, whiff a S.Jab, jumped in the air hit him with 4 jumping FP, and ended it with a super, something close to that, you guys can experiment around with it…


Pleez anyone!!! :frowning:


I have a nice mid-screen for yama, close and activate then go- s.HPx2, c.RH into dp.MP, dp.MP,qcb.MP as soon as it hits roll you should already be in the corner then s.LP jump-in HPxN you should jump two times then end with qcfx2.P power…about 6000 to 6200 pts.damage…

here goes a full-screen combo: close and activate then go s.HPx2,dp.HP, cancel 1’st hit with s.HP, then (dp.HP 1hit s.HP)xN … at end c.RH qcfx2.P power…

at mid-screen you can also do this one…close and activate then go s.HPx2, s.RH,dp.HPx2, c.RH,qcb.MP roll s.LP then (jump-in HPxN) jump about 2 times then finish with qcfx2.P power…


Yamazaki’s most damaging CCs revolve around his roll for advancing:


c.forward, c.roundhouse, close s.fierce-roll, [c.fierce-roll to corner], c.fierce, whiff c.short/c.jab, j.fierces, qctx2+P


c.forward, c.roundhouse, DP+jab, DP+strong-roll, close s.fierce, DP+strong-roll, [c.fierce-roll to corner], c.fierce, whiff c.short/c.jab, j.fierces, qctx2+P

The basic one only works from point blank range. From further away, either use the Advanced combo or replace the first close s.fierce (after the c.roundhouse) with a c.fierce-roll.

For pure style, try this combo -

c.forward, close s.fierce, DP+jab x3, DP+fierce (one hit), DP+jab, DP+fierce (one hit) till meter is out, hcbx2+P

Since the opponent is grounded the whole time you can use the Drill super… it only does 80 damage points less than the other super. After about 5 DP+fierce knives you can actually mash on s.jab, then go to s.fierce into more fierce knives to do damage through hit count, but the timing on it is kinda iffy. In much the same way, you can do s.fierce repeatedly. After a while you’re pushed too far away so you can do fierce knives to get close, but the timing is extremely strict. Near the corner you can just sweep and do a couple of knives to get in closer, but the damage is less than the Advanced combo anyway.


Why are you so cool Gunter? I try to figure it out but I can’t. I just accept it. You just come into random A Groove threads and make people happy. You’re like Jesus for A Groove players.


One more thing - if you ever find yourself blocking Chun Li’s Level 2 Super, you can activate and do the advanced combo, only replace the first c.forward with

far s.fierce, DP+fierce (one hit)

You might also want to take out the close s.fierce, DP+strong-roll sequence and just start doing c.fierce-roll to the corner.


Hmm, I noticed something odd.

Normally, close stand fp XX fierce knife does massive guard crush.

But [fierce knife -> jab knife] xN on blocking opponent hardly does shit guard crush. Any particular reason for this, or is it just damage scaling (i wouldn’t think so since I haven’t HIT them)?