A-Groove Yun

After watching Ken’s crazy A-Yun, I’ve been inspired to try him myself.

I just have a wicked problem with trying to figure out CC’s. :frowning:

Is there any basic way besides just fiddling in training mode to find legitimate, decent damaging CCs for any characters for that matter?

Gunter’s website is a Godsend :cool:

What I was asking though is that is there a certain way to finding them besides training mode? Is there certain things to keep in mind when trying to find new CCs like don’t do this or that?

Well, this might have been explained on gunters site, but basically you want to try to do damage early on in the combo (the first 7 hits or so?) and then after that try to increase the damage through hit count…

You need training mode to see the exact damage of all the moves and variations of the customs.
Strong one-hit moves at the beginning of the custom, followed by rapid hits to lv1 super is the best formula for 97% of the cast, but Yun doesnt want to get rapid fire hits so the juggles which he does out of CC do more damage(after CC ends theres normal damage formula again)

For in-depth info go read James Chen`s CvS2 System and Combo FAQ. It has a section dedicated exclusively to how you create powerful customs.