A Groove Yun



Okay, so got the jist of everything down.

RC the fuck out of every move he has. Well, the lunge punch, command throw, and plam strike. I’m working on RCing the upward kick for AA.

Anyway, I use the standard (DP+fp->qcb+fp)xN CC. Are there any good setups for it?


command grab > c.hp > s.hk into CC :slight_smile:


wen ur oponent jump in, u activate, so the invisability take out their punch or kick or wat ever. Then grap them and do wat ever…

the move wen yun goes under the fireball…after hit them up…activate and do wat ever…

s.mk wen the oponent jump in…activate…(this one is harder to timed)


Does c.hk, s/c.hp, hp lunge punch, s/c.hp, hp lunge punch, in corner now no matter what, qcb+p repeated do more damage than the standard shoulder + palm version? It’ll get you to corner faster to do qcb+p, but I dunno if that is worth the damage sacrificed in getting you there…


Huh? c.hp s.hk doesnt chain does it???


no it definetly doesn’t :bluu:


Does anybody know how the timing at the end of the CC that Ken does mk launch super jump df lk whiff mk launch super jump lp forward hp. That is mad hard and i could use some help. I mean i have like 4 or 5 different starters but i just need that ending it’s so tight.


alright, for YUN. u do, dp.fp, s.strong kick, activate,s.fk, qcb+weak punch(over and over)then when theres a little left s.strong kick, dp+jab(then the metter runs out) s. strong kick, jump jab, strong punch.


do fp qcb and a mp dp when the meter is about to end. More damage.