A groove

Multiple hit combo using a groove custom combo mode just use FP all the way and you will have a 25-100 hit combo

some one needs to educate this fool
activate, dp, cancel first hit into short, (super jump fierce fierce fierce) x 2 (in the corner) jump straight up jab x 5, super

that also works to

i tried arotfife custom combo system its pretty good but mine is for newbies that dont know how to use a groove that well

It does more damage if, after about… what is it? 6-7 FP slashes? After than, you switch to just mashing MK, and when meter is about to run out, C. Fp, QCF x 2 + P. Thats a better newbie combo. And also, 25-100 hits? :o Thats… a lot for FP slashes… recheck that, buddy.

It the name of the combo me and my friend came with when he showed to me. we actually did a 100 hit comboo in training mode and that how that combo got it name ill try your combo as well

Wow, you mean you had to actually get 100 hits to see if it worked? :slight_smile: I mean its not like sakuras custom where 100 hits could be considered practice… s.fierce? :lol: You musta had a lot of time or been high and laughing your asses off at the s.fierce combo:rolleyes:

He probably just had infinite bar on… but you may be on to something with that last one. :lol:

i only pratice a groove with him to see him slashing like crazy. i do appericate all the combo you showed me BUT the “100 Hit Combo” can only happen if you have an infinte super bar that all