A-groove's Uppercut rolling


Some A-groove combo is: activate [Uppercut, Roll] X N --> Super

But chaining the Uppercut to rolling is deadly hard!! example: Ryu’s Shoruken, roll or Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut, roll.

Can someone give me some advices on thoses combo??:bluu:


You just have to do it really fast while ur characters feet are still on the ground.


Gotta do it when it HITS. like, when you get the “SMACK!” you should hit your buttons at the same time.

Can’t do it too early or too late. It -is- pretty hard. I find RCing easier than those types of CCs. For some reason I can do Kyo’s DP-df+RH CC no sweat, but Ryu’s is a biatch.

You could just try an easier combo. With Ryu, DP x RH air hurricane (x2 if needed) then you’re in the corner for wahtever. With Sagat tho, I dunno. :frowning:


CROUCH FIERCE x 4 Standing fierce high tiger super
easy as pie :lol:


seriously just try ken’s and sagat’s first, theirs are probably the easiest (not like i can do it myself consistently though)
do jab dp xx fierce xx roll all the way to the corner and then whatever u like
ask gunter abt it
he’s probably the subject matter expert on this


haha, Im trying to do the combos but it seems impossible for me, not just Ryu, but Ken and Sagat as well -_-… Those CC are at least 3x harder to master Sakura and Bison’s CC O_o(according to me of course):stuck_out_tongue:


I find it easier for me to cancel into a normal after an uppercut, then cancel into the roll.

My ground CC Sagat is just: CC, [dp+mp, s.hp, roll] x1-4 (once you’re about 1/4 way to the corner), dp+hp, [s.hp or qcf+hp] xN, qcfx2+p.

I can usually land at least one or two reps, it’s still hard. It seems like you’ve got to hit the uppercut deep, at least when they’re about to hit the ground.


Iceage is right that’s probably easier (just a wild guess since I don’t use a groove). You can even get 2 uppercuts before the roll with certain people, maybe all (again, I know little about the groove, but I’m pretty sure Iori’s one)


alrite, thx for the help, Ill try to do that combo when I have time, college is killing me -_-