A hard question to answer? (Demon Rage)

If two people did Demon Rage at the same time, who would take the damage?
What determines this? I was in training mode and I checked it out. I managed to get it several times so that both me and the computer were hovering towards eachother at the same time. There were times when I would get it out first and he would take damage and then there were times that I would take damage. What’s the deal? Random?

Usually, whoever does it second wins. It has been this way for most of the previous SFs. I guess I have seen it the other way around a few times, but only very rarely.


This is (to me) the utimalte glitch in street fighter history!!! I done it a few times and the cpu/player has to start there and you start yours. The glitch to me is that the person who performs it a few secs after it the person that will come out on top.
I had someone online do it and just before he got to me, I performed mines on the get up…he lost