A Heartbroken Playstation Network Player


Look, don’t hold me on to this. but it seems that I completely get beaten on the PSN everytime, Everyone I come across during online matches who have a higher rank than me is just painful. Why can’t i become good as the rest of the field?

I’m not good at SCV, UMvC3 or SG

Please give me some advice to be good at this game, I don’t want to be ridiculed by the players

I’m stuck on the E Rank in SCV

Stuck as a fighter in UMvC3

Also, My Name Is ILikeAngryBirds


Wrong forum.

(Shoryuken.com, I mean.)


I see you’re new so I’ll be gentile.

This isn’t the place to ask this question. You may want to try the Newbie section where there are very helpful posters willing to give you advice. If you had read the forum descriptions, you would have known General Discussion isn’t the place to talk about fighting games. In fact, we would push your asshole in just because you brought it up.

Good luck, yo. Leveling up online is a waste but hey, at least it’s something.


How long have you been playing? How many hours have you put in?

I’m guessing the answer is not many. Fighting games are difficult and require dedication just like anything else. You can’t play golf for two weeks and expect to be plus handicap, you can’t lift for two weeks and expect to have an awesome bod. Most of the people who are beating you have been playing fighting games for 5+ years, or at least since the respective game came out. They’ve put in work. If you’re looking for quick results, fighting games are not the genre for you.

If you really do want to learn and put in the time, I suggest sticking to one game and putting all your effort into becoming good at it. Right now you’re playing three games which have basically nothing in common with each other; you’re spreading yourself too thin. Pick a game, go to the best resource for that game (SRK for UMvC3, Skullheart for SG, 8wayrun (I think) for SCV), learn everything about it. Practice in training mode every day, and watch videos of high-level players who play your character to see what they do differently from you. Play against real opponents and apply what you have learned, making a conscious effort to reform your bad habits.

Fighting games are a constant journey of self-improvement, and the journey is not for everyone. Hope you stick with it.


do you have any specific questions? we usually close “have any tips?” threads.

in general, read the stickies in the forums for the games/characters you’re interested in


Guys, it seems that i’m doing good on the Playstation Network!
The reason of losing a lot of online matches, constant beatdowns and rage quits is not spending enough time on Training Mode. I’ve been on training mode for a long time changing control schemes, I had to use Pyrrha as a training dummy. and that was on SCV!

I might do the same thing on UMvC3 and SG too!

Thanks for Celerity for giving me an advice to go to Training Mode!