A-Hibiki Reset Options

Besides the classic side switching constantly and her overhead, what else can she provide? I know I posted these before, but I just wanted to know which ones you guys think are the more effective ones.

Tick into her kick grab, QCF+strong, QCB+jab till corner…then go from there.


blocked CC, whatever… then s.HK xx cross-up QCB+HP, keep holding back, KKK, K, HK… continue CC

The tricky overhead. Looks cool. Sage juega juega.

You mean the dodge jump crossup? I knew about it. I posted it on the old Hibiki thread. But there’s a drawback to it: If people stand up, she’ll keep on the same side and you can just hit them during the jump. It IS her best reset though… you get her random crossup factor with it too. I made a clip of it, but it’s at Mario’s house. I’ll get it one of these days and put it here.

Better yet, mention what you think are the pros and cons to some of the “better” resets you’ve seen out there. I think it would make a great thread that way.


The dodge jump cross-up is from a Japanese video you fool. But since you invented it now I can’t wait to see your new video! kay pasa dios mias si si super mario!

Anyway, I didn’t know how Hibiki would be left vulnerable if the opponent just stands up. In that case her best reset would just be the simple cross-up slashes, into random DP’s then (can’t jab her or anything). A-Hibiki doesn’t even need CC setups. Just get anywhere close… then activate! :lol:

You guys all met Danny Leong at EVL anyway. That guy’s A-Hibiki is way too good. And to back up all that cheap confusion crap, he has RC as well! Anyway, just copy him for A-Hibiki’s best resets etc… and that’s all I have to say :).

Hey, how do you do the dodge jump so that Hibiki jumps INTO the opponent, and not away from him??

You do the qcb slash so that she’s in the middle of thier sprite but not turned around yet, and you command dodge and hop backward with roundhouse.

anyone have a vid of some good hibiki A-groove action? what is her basic custom?

I have a few vids of some good girl-on-girl action if you want that instead.

lol, if you mean hibiki busting out some sweet ass combo on cammy, then okay. otherwise, i’ve got plenty myself:cool:

So does the KKK crossup reset only work if they’re ducking?

that is correct