A History of Major Fighting Game Tournaments

Is there a site or resource that documents the Results of Major Fighting Game Tournaments (consolidated information)?
Such as for the EVOs, Battle By the Bays, ECC, Texas Showdowns, etc, that documents the player rankings, dates, characters used, etc.

My apologies if there is; had no luck with the search function.

If there isn’t, do you think there should be some kind of website, or database of these major tournaments?
Or do you think it would be useless and unnecesary information?

I’m thinking along the lines of long term preservation of the Fighting Game community. Who knows what’ll happened with this gaming genre later down the line, or how it may evolve.

Imagine 10, 20, 30 years from now. Would you still care about fighting games? Do you think fighting games’ll still be around? If so, will the players of that time care about today’s big names like Wong, Valle, Choi, etc ? Will the time and effort in preserving a history of tournament information be worth the effort for the community?

Tournament results really only matter to the people that were there. Knowing Wong beat RowTron in a close match at an Evolution that was shortened for time doesn’t mean that much unless you watched it happen.

I thought there was this huge text file by Psychochronic2004 (i think thats the name), but it seems to have disappeared from the internet.

I remember reading something about that huge text file but never saw it myself. It would be pretty cool to see all the results from all the majors.


I permanently removed it.


I second the why, how can we get this un permanantely deleted?

I had a feeling this question would come back to me. Couple things is that I’ve had hardly any time to update on it and I don’t like other forums (specifically international ones) using it as if it was their one of their own creation. Since I decided to organize and revise it, I’ll pitch it (tournament-by-tournament, not game-by-game) to SRK’s Wiki. Talk to me more of this in a few days.