A hopeful thought concerning Edition Select


What if a few months into Ultra, after the big tournaments Capcom makes a patch making Edition Select the standard?

Maybe they just want Ultra to get its time in the spotlight before they allow all selections and move on from SF4 entirely?


Bad idea. It’s not up to Capcom to make a ‘standard’ anyways, it’s up to the community.

Besides, in a serious tournament, nobody wants to see everyone using Vanilla, Super, AE characters anyways. We’ve already seen that. We should focus the community on playing the current Ultra version of SF4 and seeing what new things they can come up with either with the new characters or the existing characters.


In what way is this a hopeful thought? It basically negates any kind of balance USF4 offers.


Because I want the anarchy or edition select. The fact that it’s in the game and so limited is a huge waste.


In this case anarchy means everyone playing Vanilla Sagat and AE Yun and that’s boring. No thanks.

One of the goals of USF4 is to make as many characters as possible tournament viable and making Edition Select the standard would be a waste.


How do you know that though?


I’m sure that most players would rather play a carefully balanced game. Edition Select isn’t that and will thankfully not become the standard.


Never know until ya try.


Can we just have an edition select sticky already?


We have. It’s called Anniversary SF2.


Upon watching the exhibition matches - yeah, ES should definitely NOT be the standard. Just watching Seth unleash his ultra trap, Sagat’s trade into ultra, and other things just made it clear that the game would have too many lopsided matchups. And we haven’t even seen AE Yun and Yang in action yet.

Would be GREAT to have in unranked online matches for fun, nothing else. Well, a side tourney of casual matches would be okay.


It is by far the more interesting meta game to see play out though I do think plain Ultra should get it’s time in the spotlight before we go into ES for standard.


I disagree, because we’d most likely have a smaller amount of played characters than with just USFIV.


See what gets me about this point is, AE Yun and Vanilla Sagat are great in their versions but how would they do against the other versions of characters? There’s so much room for discovery!


no way in hell they make it the standard. what they’re likely to do is give online play for edition select.


Not really. The only “new” tech I can imagine is old stuff being applied to new characters (like Vanilla-style Ultra unblockables) and new tech being applied to older characters, which isn’t as interesting as it sounds. It’d just be a broken mess and no one would have the energy to learn all the match-ups.