A hot tip for good online play in SF5 :)


If you are using wireless to play online you are literally everything that is wrong with the world today, there is no excuse for using wireless it is always strictly inferior to wired.

Please make sure to tell your friends this hot tip as well, and if they refuse to listen to reason beat them around the ass and testicles.

edit: just forget it.

11/10, someone pin this

Wait we can see who is on wireless!!!

edit: No.

do you have a screenshot of it?

dude is making shit up p sure.
i think i know the symbol he means and it doesn’t look like wireless anything nor was that ever mentioned.

Yeah, I’m sorry. I sincerely thought the logo in red meant “wired” but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’ll edit my first post.

Maybe that needs to be a thing though. I’d love to see who is and isn’t wired. I’d rather play a wired 4 bar than a wireless 5.

I know wireless is better but that setup is impossible for me sadly.

Verizon FiOS BOYZ

I think we should just have a speedtest screenshot topic so that way we know how to avoid. Any ping beyond 100 can fuck itself.

The problem with wireless is it can’t be full duplex. Wired always runs full duplex without interference. Wired is best for games due to the other end sending and receiving while you are sending and receiving as well. Go wired

I just installed a Powerline adapter for my PC. Worked out pretty well. More stable than wireless.

this. There’s rly no excuse for using wifi when gaming when these exist.

I’ve been using wireless forever and 99% of the time my connection is fine. EDIT: I’VE CHECKED AGAIN AND I’M USING WIRED, MY BAD YOU GUYS, SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE.

This isn’t the thread for delusions my friend, this is the thread where you seek help for your problems and demons.

Me and your family just want to talk to you about using wireless.

Yeah maybe if you’re sitting right next to your router, but that 1% chance of a drop can and will happen and when it does you don’t want it to be in the middle of a game, especially with rollback netcode in my experience
I used to play on wireless since the router in my house is in my folks’ room, but I got a pair of powerline adapters a few months ago and I get no drops at all.
Please, for the sake of me and a ton of other people, dont be a part of the group of people who think wireless is acceptable for netplay. You can get a pair of adapters for like $25 minimum and it will save you from getting justified hatemail.

Are you gonna give your money and time to the wireless packet loss dealer across the street, or are you gonna smarten up, get wired up, and say no to packet loss in your community.

Your avatar is fking NOICE m8!