A.I. For 2D fighting games

Well…I am looking for some ways to implement an adaptative A.I. for my fighting game. Anyone know some interesting articles concerning this ? But have to be specific for fighting games and 2D ones.

Suggestions and ideas on a good and simple algorithim on how to make one is also wecomed…but it has to have some “learning” technique inside it…


every time a player does a good combo, it saves it into its list of combos. after time it will learn a bunch of great combos for each of the characters

the end

Just don’t make it like Super Turbo where I press a button and I get hit! I think abusing input recognition takes away the realism as not all opponents will react to every movement.

They should use real people, i.e one star is scrubs and 8 stars are the pros :stuck_out_tongue:

Make it like CvS2 Nak.

Make a character that has a dragon punch. Give them this strategy:

Jab SRK, Strong SRK, Fierce SRK.

No one will figure it out. Absolutely unstoppable.


The VF4 arcade tour shit was good.

I actually like the ST system, it toughens you up and makes you not do unsafe stupid shit. (of course, this forces a certain playstyle)

Soul Calibur II uses an AI system that tracks the percentage of time that you use a certain move in a specific situation. Monster uses the battles that you have fought against human characters to adapt a playing style similar to what the 2K Sports profile downloads.

I’ve been building an AI system for a 2D fighter as well. I’ve never found any good articles or anything about it though. I ended up finding a few textbooks about general AI and I’ve been using them.

I hate ST’s AI :arazz: