A interesting question about Super Street Fighter II's costumes

Maybe not a question you get everyday…

6 years ago, I read an article on GameSpot about the history of Street Fighter. Now, I can’t find it at all. Instead, it’s been replaced by a crappy 10 minute video (as has the very detailed article on Mortal Kombat as well).

Anyway, I had read in it that the new costumes for Street Fighter 2’ Turbo were based on Hong Kong designs. IMO, that game had the best costumes in the history of the SF series. Lots of blue, very serious, detailed, and realistic.

When they came out with Super Street Fighter II, they gave extra costumes to all the fighters including the new four.

What I’m wondering is…For Cammy, Dee Jay, T-Hawk, and Fei-Long…were the Medium Punch and the Heavy Punch costumes based on the Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting designs, as if they had actually been in the previous games? Or were they just random designs like the rest of the new costumes? Because if you look at them, at least, the Heavy Punch costumes fit in very well with the other costumes from Turbo. I know they retouched Balrog (Boxer) from the original Turbo by making him more tan, making the orange deeper, and changing the gloves to green so they may have based it on them.

Out there question, I know. I’ve had it on my mind for years. Is there anyway to find this out or is it simply lost in time? Thanks!

Turbo/Hyper Fighting Costumes:

I’m gonna agree with you here.

link plz. sorry I couldnt help you with your topic though. Nice post.

If anyone can find that article/feature, that would be great because it was so much better than the video and had different information compared to IGN’s article on SF’s history.

You’re in luck! I actually had the original link saved. Naturally, the page is no longer there but you can thank the Internet Archive for storing a backup: http://web.archive.org/web/20050819093145/http://www.gamespot.com/features/vgs/universal/sfhistory/index.html

I’ve also looked into the color palettes before and found that ST old, MP, and HP colors are identical to TWW/SSF2, CE, and HF colors respectively. HF boxer is the only exception so that’s a 35/36 consistency rate. Consequently, if you want to consider MP and HP colors to be the new challengers’ retrofitted CE and HF colors, then I doubt anybody will argue.

THANKS! :slight_smile:

Would you happen to have the Mortal Kombat one as well?

I am considering it but I just wanted to know if there was proof. But I guess only the game designer would have the answer. I doubt the question was ever raised as who the heck would care when you had a brand new version of SFII out!

Any idea who designed the costumes?

I didn’t have the MK link but it was easy enough to navigate a few pages and find out: http://web.archive.org/web/20060218050823/http://www.gamespot.com/gamespot/features/video/hist_mortalk/index.html

As for the colors, I doubt you’re going to find proof or further info anywhere. I know All About Capcom, SF Eternal Challenge, and SF20 don’t mention in any interviews the rationale behind character colors. I don’t even remember anyone explaining why Chun Li has an orange costume in her WW portrait.

I’m not sure if you can call these different costumes (like sf4). They are merely different color palette. And yes, the HF color are very nice.

Although they are low resolution (from WW), the character sprites are really well done.

Now compare SF2 Ryu’s dead serious look to the very underwhelming sf4 version… (every character is buff like a bodybuilder in sf4)

Yeah, when I was playing on bitkid’s cab at NCR I remember getting a good look at Ryu’s CPS2 face and he looks straight up murderous.