A japanese you tube vid


anyone wanna translate the texts?

Yeah I saw this earlier today.
All I can gather from watching was that (number)F means the number of frames for whatever it is they mention for that part.
But I think its like a tutorial vid from the looks of it.

i think when it says “RC” it means roll cancel.

rorring canceru

mother fucking punching morrigan out of her dash, shit is japanese exclusive


Ok i noticed something a bit odd, and it might just be me.

At about 2:40 - 2:45ish.
When Blanka hops back, does the meter build or am I seeing things?

i agree, looks like blanka jumped back and got meter. maybe hak went for :k::k::k: and got :mk: > kara :l:+:lk:+:hk:

dude, yeah. he does, i rmemeber i did that in the arcade and no one would fucking believe me. i was NOT kara-ing anything. I was like “holy shit… i got hella meter for KKK hoping…” theyre like “what? no you cant. do it” and i couldnt do it again :frowning:

wtf. hey thats me. take that off now. That match was scrubby :frowning:

Edit: uhh… i dont see any meter built.

sooo old school, cancel fk into back hop…voila

same as canceling Honda 360 constantly mid screen or far with FP to gain meter.,:rofl:

I actually didnt do it on purpose. haha. That honda trick is fucking ghetto.

It’s a vid explaining 2chan’s nickname for stuff like chicken block, roll cancel, DEO! (Sagat fierce, called that because that’s what he says when he does it), Gen kick, moving guard, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary that you couldn’t find on this forum I don’t think.

wait how did he juggle Hibiki with s.mp and then dp + P? I thought that if you hit someone in the air with a normal while you’re activated, the person can land back and it doesn’t combo? the only normal I know that this does work is j.mp with bison.

Woops. i forgot to turn off the game shark…

Pokeball GO!!!

there’s a time before they recover from being hit that you can still hit them.

for example if you jump blanka can jump active and get a bunch of fierce punches (i’ve seen it used to finish off someone with not much life left). This is also the basis for bisons anti-air cc. Close s.mp xx dp … the s.mp offers a quick hit while the dp will knock them out of the air before they recover from being hit.

blanka jump straight up + spam j.hp is the shit. it takes off liek 4000. it does a lot…

What happens at :45? Kyo stutters, then does dp?

that’s what we call a low parry.