A Ken come good



Just want to say thanks to all the fellow kens out there who have been giving out awesome advice and tactics.
I finally burst thought the 3000pp barrier using ken and I’m very happy :slight_smile:
This is a big achievement for me since I was scrubbing in the 1000s no more than 2 years ago.
Just goes go to show you should pay attention what these guys are saying.

Now to get to 4000!


I wish I could get there myself but there are other people using my account. That number sometime drops as low as 1200PP right now its at 2980. I will see how long its there for. Congratulations nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:


Other people using your account? That’s got to be stopped.


I’m stuck with 3000 PP, and I don’t know how to improve to get 4000PP since seems very far.

First, when I fight with a very good ppl I tend to fight between bad and very bad, reckless sometimes, other times overwhelmed by his pressure, don’t know, but I don’t fight the way I know…

Second, there are still bad fights that I usually loose and makes me angry :stuck_out_tongue: like zangief, and a lot of others players, seems like I don’t really know how to fight them good enough. With Zangief and command grab guys I have serious problems, and I think my problem is that I’m not be able to anti air them (at least online), so I end up being grab of punish really hard from Ultra.

Third, I have problems with guys that are extremely defensive and zoning, like good Sagats and Ryus, seems like you are always trying to get in and taking damage and risk.

Another problem is that there are characters that you usually dont fight against them, like don’t know, gen or rufus, and start to fight against one and you don’t remember how to fight against them…

The path to become 4000PP player seems much large compared with 0-3000PP, and you have to fight good almost every battle because one bad battle and you loose more than 100PP. For me at least seems that I’m going to need a loooooot of time.


Good job bro i just got to 5000 keep up the good work and im sure we will see you there soon.rank match is really stressful tho.be sure to take breaks when your not playing well and also be sure to learn from every fight even if its just learning how to beat a sxrub


yea, i find that ken has trouble against good defensive zoning chars and grapplers like geif too. zoning chars take a lot of patience to fight, and really good ones can back up their zoning with good footises too. geif is hard to because you have to do that whole cat and mouse hit and run shit, and if he has U2, it makes it hard to anti air him and if he knocks you down, dashing back or reversal dp will get insta u2’d, blocking gets spd :frowning:

but like everyone thinks, kens top tier with no bad match ups :confused:


I think we go even w/zangief if ur having trouble with the u2 or not mixup then stay in a range where u can anti air with normals (a trade is better than a free jump in) I also like to not give a fuck about u2 when he first gets it cuz it won’t do much damage. And u have to think that he can only use his u2 once (most times) so don’t be so afraid of it, and he still has to guess u2 either as an anti air or back I think, so he has to take a big risk if he ever wants to throw it out. His footsies are also bad and he walks slow so I find that most the time they get frustated and do something risky like green hand throw pokes or random l.spd.
Tight that u got to 3000 tho that’s where I left off when I stopped online. And ya there’s a big difference in players affter 3000 online randomness turns into more educated guessing but it is funner tho.


Zangief is tough but you have to avoid jumping back when they get close and have U2 that’s what they want you to do. Ryu and Sagat I have not had a problem with since 2012 release, I have lost to maybe 3 Ryus? and 2 Sagats?. While he can SPD you in cr.MK he cannot do this in st.HK range, try using st.HK as a poking tool against Zangief, it’s pretty amazing.

You can’t really zone Ken, he has methods for getting in Ryu and Sagat have fireball recovery, they are not Guile. There are even Sagat players attempting to say Ken is a bad match up because he can get in so easily. As for Ryu there really is no way to get Ken off of you (except for Mashing DP but you run the risk of him blocking it and eating 300+ damage), Ryu still cannot tatsu away.

The characters I have lost to the most are Adon, Rose and Dee Jay and I know those are 5-5 match ups. It really comes down to learning a little more about the match ups. I would like to play some of you. Ryu is a secondary character of mine, it honestly feels harder to win with him unless I am playing against Akuma


you guys and your peepee’s…


I hate PP…lol

I had 3800 the other day and a few mistakes, 2 losses later and I dropped down to 3500 -_-

It’s too hard to maintain PP without just being on a win streak. and besides that, you once in a while get a player who’s just starting out at 1500 PP or 2000 but they are actually really good. lose to them and its like 130 or more PP. Is bs i tell ya! Getting high PP is the same as gambling, i must stop!!

lol…but once I reach A I usually stop playing ranked and goto endless…whatever my PP is at that point I stop…in Super I did hit 5000pp, but that was just because the same idiots got mad and kept playing me over and over again…Salty lol…


True 5000pp players demand respect. Top quality no matter what anyone says.


Are you king d959?


Yup have u played me I just got back live yesterday


I’m x fried gold x the guy you beat and lost to the second time. We have one more game to play :wink:


Why don’t anyone play on PSN anymore?
I wanna play you cats too.


add me Hi_piggy


Psn quality<live quality :p. And ya dude we got to get in some matches its cool to fight people that no wat they doing.


Got you!

I’ll hit you up king d959 when you are on the PSN.
Also, really? Live has better players?


The players are the same. The connection on Live is better because you don’t have people playing on Wireless G connections


Na I don’t have psn anymore but I always felt live was better and if u look at the replays of top ppayers on psn and the top players on live, live players look better imo and the biggest names are on live,and ya I’ve usually had worst connections on psn.