A-Kyo notes


c.LK 3/3/7 +6 o/o/o
All purpose low short attack, with excellent advantage afterwards.
You’ll probably start all of your combos and guard strings with this
move. Links into c.MP, far s.MP or close s.HK easily.

c.MP 4/7/9 +6 x/o/o
Kyo’s best normal move on the ground. Whiff for meter, use from a
distance to stuff lots of attacks, most notably sagat far s.LK, blanka
c.HP and other mid hitting attacks. Links into another c.MP/far s.MP
for your best combo off of a meaty. Kyo’s best meaty attack.

c.MK 7/9/16 -5 x/x/o
One of Kyo’s best zoning attacks, hits low and has more range than
c.HK or far s.HK, think of this as guile’s c.MK, but not as safe.

c.HP 5/6/29 -11 x/o/o
Good anti-air vs non P/K groovers, can be used in counterhit setups to
combo into fierce rekka chains (c.LK, close s.LK (+3), c.HP xx qcf+HP).
As an anti-air this thing is good for hitting straight up jumpers. s.MK
is better in most cases, but this can do more damage vs characters that
don’t have ultra priority jumpins like Vega or Sagat j.HK.

c.HK 8/6/22 -2 x/x/x
One of the best sweeps in the game, this move is good not only because
of how safe it is, but also because it puts Kyo very low to the ground.
It will beat many attacks because of this (notably, will go under Ken’s
RC funky kicks).

far s.LK 5/4/14 -1 x/x/o
Short range sagat-esque s.LK. Use to pressure an opponent when c.MP
won’t reach. Walk forward on Sagat with this to stuff his s.LK. Not
so much abusable because of the -1, but remember you have it. Another
use is as a RC rekka setup. c.LKx2-3, far s.LK, RC rekka. Duckable by
characters shorter than Vega.

far s.MP 4/6/22 -5 x/o/o
Use to combo into rekkas on fat/tall characters. This will hit
crouching characters that are taller than Guile. Has more range than
c.MP and does more damage. Not safe to whiff, make sure you connect.

far s.HK 7/7/24 -5 x/x/o
Kyo’s best attack at range, goes over lows/low fireballs, and beats many
attacks that start with lower hitboxes (like Blanka c.HP). Much more
useful in a groove with level 3 supers. If you were playing K-Kyo
before, start punishing things you used to with far s.HK xx lvl3 with a
sweep instead. Crouchable by Iori, Maki, and Athena.

close s.LP 2/6/6 +5 o/o/o
Close range attack with 2 frame startup, use to beat throws clean. Use
close s.LP, c.LK, c.MP/far s.MP xx rekkas.

close s.MP 3/12/11 x/o/o
Useful as a meaty when mixed up with c.MP (I’d say this is a better
meaty attack but it has more recovering frames, and doesn’t guarantee
damage when it hits early. It’s been debated before). I’ve found out
that this move is also useful to avoid crossups. Kyo seems to lean
forward for the entire 12 hitting frames, meaning you can use this vs a
crossup that you’d otherwise have to backwards DP or activate against.
Can also be a usable anti-air in the same kind of situations as close
s.MK, but it’s not as good for that purpose.

close s.MK 4/5/16 +1 x/o/o
Your best 1-button anti-air, use for almost everything that comes in
from the front. Loses to some annoying jump-ins like Vega or Eagle’s
j.HK sometimes. Try to wait until your enemy is closer so you get
the faster close s.MK version.

close s.HK 4/4/21 -1 x/o/o
Your big damage combo starter off a jumpin/dizzy/blocked dp. Safe up
close and does good guard damge, use c.LK, close s.HK xx rekka when
your opponent’s guard bar starts flashing. Uncommonly safe for a close
HP/HK attack, use that to your advantage. Poke with close s.HK and blow
through your enemy’s mashing with an activate.

df+HK 11/4/8/4/20 +0 x/x/x
Deceptively long start-up frames, but very hard to see coming. If
you told one of your opponents that this move starts up in 11 frames
they probably wouldn’t believe you. This move hits low on the first hit
and mid for the second, and is completely safe on block. Use this to
setup an RC rekka from really far distance.

Use this early to beat opponents trying to jump away. Useful against
rolento trying to j.LP (non RC scouter’ed) as anti-air. Land and mixup
between throw and c.LK into combo. Forgot to add: this is Kyo’s crossup!
As far as crossups go it isn’t that great, but he’s got one. Never try
to crossup your opponent with this unless it’s after a knockdown, the
trade will never be in your favor.

Use these as your overall jumpins, j.HK isn’t nearly as good without low

Your highest damage jumpin, use after a dizzy or jumping over someone’s
wakeup super or mis-thrown fireball. Jump back with this for anti-air
vs bison and chun.

Obviously not as good without low jump, but it still knocks down anyway.
Use these early to beat characters that rely on normal attack anti-airs.


close s.MK – useful vs almost every jumpin from the front.
c.HP – useful when pressed early for jumpins from the front that would
beat the above. Also reliable vs characters that jump up and down.
dp+HP – useful when you can react with it (when you don’t press MK).
Loses horribly to crossups. This has amazing horizontal and vertical
range, and can be done “deep” much earlier than a ken/sagat DP.
backwards DP – vs crossups.
close s.MP – vs crossups (he’ll lean forward and make them whiff.
practice this)
close s.HK – use to beat weird special move aerial attacks like vega’s
claw dive or ken/kyo overhead kicks
trade dp+LP/MP – use to combo into CC, these almost always trade when
done deep


c.LK, c.LK, c.MP xx LP rekkas

  • your bnb combo of choice
  • skip 1 LK when you aren’t point blank, i find using 1 LK makes the
    link easier

c.LK x 2-3, far s.MP xx LP rekkas

  • your bnb combo vs taller characters

close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K, dp+HK

  • can’t be tech rolled if all 3 hits of the dp+HK hit
  • can be comboed off a c.LK, close s.HK
  • use c.HP xx qcf+MK,K off a jumpin when the range isn’t right

c.MP, c.MP(far s.MP) xx LP rekkas

  • standard combo off a meaty
  • meaty close s.MP can be substituted

c.MP, c.HP xx HP rekkas

  • slightly harder but more damaging combo off a meaty

Combos into CC

close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K, dp+LP/dp+MK, CC, juggle with dp+MP, df+HK whiff

  • start your post-CC juggle with dp+HP, df+HK whiff for a fullscreen CC
    c.LK/c.MP xx qcf+LK,K, CC, juggle with dp+MP, df+HK whiff (corner)
    RC qcf+MK,K, (dp+LP/dp+MK optional), CC, juggle with dp+MP, df+HK whiff
    meaty c.MP/close s.MP, CC, c.LK, continue (easy)
    meaty c.MP/close s.MP, CC, c.HP, continue (hard)
    meaty c.MP/close s.MP, CC, dp+MP, df+HK, continue (harder)
    c.HK, CC, juggle with dp+MP/dp+HP, df+HK whiff

CC setups (random activates)

blocked close s.HK, CC
blocked c.HK, CC
blocked meaty rdp+LK, CC
blocked meaty c.MK, CC
blocked 2nd hit of qcf+LK,K, CC
combo into qcf+MK,K, close s.HK xx rdp+LK (whiffs), CC
CC, RC rekka
CC, f+MK overhead, continue
hit with qcf+HP, hcb+P, wait, CC
the other obvious random activates, like empty jump, walk forward, etc


CC, (c.LK), close s.HK x 2, far s.HK, df+HK (1-hit), [far s.HK x 2,
df+HK (1-hit)] x N to corner, df+HK xx qcfx2+P

  • you can also switch up to mashed c.LK, df+HK (2-hit) at the end,
    but i find it smarter to keep it simple.

CC, [dp+MP, df+HK whiff]x8 (or to 8 hits), c.HP, c.HP, qcb,hcf+P

  • this is your combo for many things, like anti-air CC, comboing after
    all sorts of juggles, or traded dp+LP/MP
  • start with dp+HP (1-hit), df+HK whiff if you need the range, like
    after a traded dp

j.HK, close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K, dp+MK, CC, [dp+MP, df+HK whiff] x 2,
dp+MP, s.LK whiff, [j.LP x 4] x N until no meter, close s.HK/c.HP xx
qcf+HK,K, dp+HK (opponent dizzy), j.HK, close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K, dp+HK

  • this should dizzy all characters 70 stun and lower if you land the
    qcf+HK,K correctly, without a jumpin it should dizzy 60 stun chars
  • the finals hits after the dizzy won’t do good damage because the CC
    scaling will still be in effect, this is only useful for flash
  • it’s smarter to end this combo with a super, then try to land
    another combo afterwards to get some real dizzy damage

Special Custom enders

  • combo to 8 hits, juggle with hcb+HK, qcf+LP, hcb+P, P (all 3 hits),
    continue with mashed ground custom into qcfx2+P super or qcf+MK,K,
    dp+HK for dizzy
  • combo to 8 hits, juggle with c.HP x 2 (think rolento super at the
    end of CC), qcf+LP, hcb+P, P (first 2 whiff), continue with mashed
    ground custom into qcfx2+P super or qcf+MK,K, dp+HK for dizzy
  • i don’t do the above 2 really, it’s to be flashy, there’s too much
    chance of fucking this up with the rekka chains
  • ground custom, end with qcf+MK,K, dp+HK for dizzy

Block strings, RC rekka setups

c.LK, c.LK, c.MP/far s.MP xx LP rekka (all chars)
meaty c.MP/close s.MP, c.MP/far s.MP xx LP rekka (all chars)
c.LKx3, far s.MP xx qcf+LK,K (1st hit whiffs, 2nd blocked) (tall chars)
close s.HK, far s.MP xx LP rekka (fat chars)
c.LK, c.LK, c.MP, RC rekka
mashed c.LKx3, c.HK/far s.HK/c.MK/df+HK, optional RC rekka


After combos ending with LP rekkas:

  • Mixup between immediately rolling afterwards (crossup) and walking
    back a few pixels and rolling (doesn’t crossup).
  • Mixup between immediately jumping forward with j.LK (crossup) and
    walking back some pixels and forward j.LK (doesn’t crossup).
    After combos ending with HP rekkas:
  • This trick is better than the first, because even if you opponent
    sees you walking forward, he’ll never know which side you’ll end up
    on. After HP rekkas, walk forward and roll, depending on how far
    you walk you’ll either crossup or not. This is really good, always
    go for it when you land HP rekkas (don’t forget to roll->activate!)
  • Same as the above, but with jump forward j.LK to setup an ambiguous


  • when i say RC rekka, i mean RC qcf+MP, i can’t negative edge well
  • use RC rekka to go throw common RCs, like RC elec, RC hands, sak
    RC fireball, etc (continue the chain if the first hit whiffs)
  • Kyo does a command taunt after qcfx2+LP if you mash punches
    afterwards, so don’t mash punches afterwards since your opponent
    will get up in time for you to get shot
  • Kyo’s blocked custom is repeated dp+MP, but you’ll have to do
    mashed qcf motions to get it consistently, which means it’s
    somewhat useless, i would stick to repeated df+HK, qcf+LP
  • Kyo is at a big advantage random activating outside close s.HK
    (so his far s.HK will come out instead), because even poorly timed
    he will beat all low attacks clean

edit: 1/15/06 – Kyo can connect a CC, dp+HP, df+HK whiff to custom from
his mk launching kicks, dp+mk juggle from anywhere on the screen!
I forgot to add shit like his crossup (oops), and his crossup setups.

You of all people who complain about blanka mashers should understand that whiffing far s.MP isn’t good, especially since it’s usually after a low short that you’d be doing it. At that range you could eat some big damage if your opponent saw it whiff. I more or less meant it’s not safe to whiff compared to d.MP, I should have mentioned that. I hear you on his crossup j.LK, it’s totally worthless unless you set it up, I forgot to mention it at all the first time I wrote this.

I normally go for c.LK (just one), c.MP on most characters anyway, same thing with A-sak usually skipping the first low short in her bnb since it won’t always combo outside of point blank range. Even point blank against most characters you need to chain the 2 low shorts quickly for the c.MP to reach. I just listed it that way for completeness. I’m still working on RC LP rekka, but for now I only attempt RC MP rekka after I make them block something from far out, since at that range I’d be hard pressed to get hit back for it. I’ll take your name out of it if you want, you did list that combo off of close s.LP in your last thread, and the other one was just a polite poke at your bnb combo of choice phrase.

His customs are nice to look at :wink: I’d be hard pressed to land a jumpin combo into CC in a match anyway, same thing with P or K kyo usually looking for shorts in LK launch kicks, lvl3 or far s.HK xx lvl3 for the most part. But his ground custom is very much reliable, does 7500 dmg, and can be started off a 3frame low short/close strong or a 4frame close HK.

PS: bah, everyone has problems getting in vs blanka (not to mention RC blanka)

edit: have you noticed that kyo lands abnormally close to his opponent if they block a j.d+HP as compared to a j.HP or j.HK?

I’m retarded for not listing this, but Kyo’s blocked custom is easily one of his strongest tools in A-groove… while it doesn’t guardcrush as fast as sakura… it crushes (in general) 80% minimum. I say minimum because you’ll most likely have to do the qcf buffer method to do this. the faster you do it, the faster they crush.

standard sequence from a blocked ground activate:

CC, c.LK-s.HK-s.HK-df+HK xx [dp+MP]xN (guard meter about gone), s.HK to crush, walk up c.MP/close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K, dp+HK

blocked custom on purpose (vs a-blanka, k/p grooves):
c.MP, CC, c.MP-df+HK xx [dp+MP]xN (guard meter about gone), s.HK to crush, walk up c.MP/close s.HK xx qcf+MK,K, dp+HK

you really wanna crush their guard with a HK if your meter is low, if your meter is good (you activated and they had less than like 60% guard bar, switch to dp+LP before they crush, you’ll get (crush) dp+LPx2, land and you can dp+MP a few times then super or launching kicks combo for stun.

if you feel they’ll just block or you need extra damage, right before they guardcrush, cancel a blocked dp+MP into whiffed s.LP and kick throw them. make them get up into RC fierce rekkas to guard crush them, then do a big damage launching kicks combo… if they mess up a reversal they’re fucked even more.

the real power of this GC custom is that the entire thing consists of 1-hit, invincible uppercuts (the invincibility lasts until it hits, just like an alpha counter), that you can do as fast as you want, the faster you do repeated uppercuts, the smaller the gaps between kyo being invincible and being vulnerable. also, the entire time he’s not invincible, he has an uppercut on the screen. this causes lots of problems for your opponent when he’s trying to alpha counter out. lots of characters can’t get out of this GC custom. most alpha counters have a good chance of losing and kyo just hits your character with the next dp+MP.

i tested out some characters to see who can alpha counter

no guarantee of AC beating it out (sometimes gets hit, sometimes hits kyo)
chun (high chance of winning)
maki (high chance of winning)
yamazaki (free combo if it whiffs, otherwise he gets beat)

can alpha counter
rolento (free combo)
dhalsim (free combo)
bison (sometimes whiffs, 2nd hit always misses)

can’t alpha counter