A legend is born, ip man


theres a new ip man movie out. you can watch it on stream, good quality and subs (or dl it). personally i found it better than the second ip man movie with donnie yen, but not as good as the first one. samu hung got a small role in this one in the beginning of the movie.

worth a look.




Weren’t you banned not too long ago?


I just tried trimming my own sideburns. I suspect the results are questionable.

You know what isn’t questionable? A certain doctor, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.


lol, i know your dr.

also dont know if links are allowed. you can stream it off movie25.com. vidreel was the one i watched.

and wtf does a ban have to do with this movie? kind of a stupid question.


Boom chicka boom
Boom chicka boom
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– Scooter, on average of .7 times per CD

“And now you die!”
– Dr. B, to Sephiroth, in retaliation for a minor fender bender


soo did anybody find it worth their time?


Yeah the fighting in this movie blows pretty much all of IP Man 2…Like most 80s hk action, random fight scenes to just throw fights in there which is awesome to me…The ending fight is amazing & does deserve repeat showing…It was great to see Yuen Biao again as i haven’t seen him a long ass time…