a lil help here

whats up everyone…

my best character, obviously, is Balrog…im not tryin to brag or anything but i think i pretty much mastered the ways of the Balrog…

but i still have the occasional loss with him every now and then…

im gonna be playin this guy this friday that says hes the shit with Mai…ive just been gettin ready for it now…u know practicing…

ive been using Mai to get to know her moves and how she works and what leaves her open, and a lot of her moves leave her open…ive played her in training mode also…and im doin pretty well…

anyways, do any of u have any tips for winning against Mai with Balrog?..id really appreciate it cuz this guys been talkin a lot of shit…


Patience is a virtue my friend. Balrog (M.Bison) has that lovely standing FP that is dominate. Using it timingly and wisely is a killer.

Her jumping FK is a bitch, but remember Balrog has one of the best rolls in the game. Counter with your favorite combo, or just smack that shyt out of the air with rushing uppercut

Chipping can help too, i advise you use this corner wisely

Roll cancel your rushing upper cut through her fans if possible.

Mix up you rushing uppercut (low and High) to confuse you opponent.

If you have anything I will try to get my boy Jae on here. Possibly one of the best MD barlog players.

Koop Out


He hasnt played me yet.

Well, whoever you are buddy, feel free to come by Beltway Plaza and take him on. Or if you live in MG,PG or DC just come by my crib when we have get togethers.

I had a guy last week pretty nice with the Balrog…just meet him…Ill put him up first, you beat him then I definitly need to get jae.

dat would be cool…we can reminisce about high school and eat KFC…:cool:

yea actually i met dis dude, about a week ago, named anthony…i had to smash him up wit balrog at his crib…lol

but he iLL…

OH SHYT!!!:eek: damn, didnt know it was u fool!!! make yourself known!!!

Anywho, you should step through and I will help ya get ready. I can use Mai and irritate you a bit