A Link to a guide


Where could a get a link to an overall all around beginers guide for CvS and MvC2?

I have a freind i just got into fighting games, all his life he has hated them, but i showed him Soul calibur, and he has gotten really good at it, now he wants to try the 2d side of them. I probally wouldnt be able to teach him, pounding him into ground in CvS2 wouldnt be fun for him either. No one in my small town plays fighters, so i need some compition.


It’s kind of hard to just feed someone a guide, and then just expect them to be good. Especially with 2-d fighting games, what with the dragon punch motions and whatnot. If he knows how to fireball, dragon punch/super… you’re probably in good shape to find some random guides and let him experiment on his own (best way to learn… practice). If he doesnt know how to do those motions, you may need to show him how to do them…

Dont know about the guides though…


just looking for somthing super basic, with definitions of motions, controls, gameplay, what not. Somthing that could be given to a person that has never touched a Street Fighter game before.

oh yeah,
whats the best beginner oriented team for CvS and MvC2?


Just read the manuel for both games. Starting teams, just use whoever you think looks cool or somethin. You could be good with anybody if you used them enough. (except Serbot)

Edit: I take that back. I beat my friend with Servbot…


Check out James Chen’s excellent CVS2 Systems/Combo guide on gamefaqs.



I second James Chen’s guide.
It’s a rock solid well of advice.