A list of Iron Man's infinites

Can someone please just list all of IM’s infinte combos so me and many other people can just print out this page and start practicing like crazy. Thanks a bunch

You don’t know ALL of his infinites?

Ok I don’t expect one person to know all the infinites but can someone at least tell me one or two of them?? If someone knows one that isn’t listed here, can u please list it here?

look em up lazy ass…

heres a hint: he has a basic inf, and a semi inf…

edit: too lazy to make a new post… you can see why everyone is hesitant to help you, if you can’t help yourself… I was nice enough to tell u to search… good luck:p

Lazy ass?? LOL :lol:

Y’know what I would look them up but I don’t know where to find them. All I can find is his (lk,mk, u+hp) That’s y i’m asking anyone if they know any besides that one.

Basic infinite: Jumping jab, jab, short, up + fierce.

Alternate basic infinite: Jumping short, short, up + fierce. (If your opponent’s character is too high, then you can’t do standing fierce, Proton Cannon, afterwards.)

Another infinite: Super jump jab, air dash forward, jab, up + fierce. (Must do after crouching short, crouching jab).

Unfly infinite: Launch, short, up + fierce, air dash up forward, short, up + fierce, fly, short, up + fierce, unfly, short, up + fierce, unfly, short, up + fierce, unfly, short, up + fierce, etc… You should substitute the short with jabs, so they don’t go too high for you to continue the unfly infinite.

I didn’t feel like typing this up, but hey, I’m helping out a fellow Iron Man player. :smiley:




Thanks a lot DHGTempest. There should be more people out there like you.

ive got a question about this infinite. actually, it might not be the exact same one, but i see it has the same part im getting fucked up on and wondered if you could help me. im trying to do the cyc assist infinite that starts with a jumping fp, air dash forward, jab, up+fierce. i can’t seem to do anything after i airdash, the body just falls on the ground. i notice in this movie i have of it, he only air dashs for a few seconds and is able to cancel out into a regular jab (in the air of course). wtf can’t i cancel out of my air dash?

nvr mind, im not fucking w/that cyc one anymore, i can get the one u speak of. short = lk correct?

how do u unfly?? sry ima real big noob

same way as you fly, cept when you’re in flight mood it stops it and you unfly. get it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that whole thing was sarcastic…


Ok, so i’m starting to learn iron man, and the whole game, actually. i understand the concept of the Jumping jab, jab, short, up + fierce, but i run into a couple of problems. (and im using psylock’s AAA assist to launch the opponent)

either the enemy falls too fast, or he drifts too far away. if i hold up while doing both jabs, and the short, would that contribute either way to the faliure? i can do about two reps, and then it stops. any suggestions?

(apologies for my noob-ness)

I’m a fellow noob in the same boat but I’ll do my best to try and share my tech with you.

As far as the jumping portion, I simply hold Jump-Towards/Off-Jump the whole way. When you get to the HP hit, IM will aim his hit Diagonally-Up reguardless if you have the stick in straight up or up-twards. At least it works that way on the Ps2 version.

As far as timing, that just takes hrs of practice. I’ve been at it for about 2 months now and I’m still only getting 20-30 hits. But here are a few things that I try to keep in mind while it’s all happening:

  1. To me, the MOST important hit is the 1st and Last hit. The first lp should be immediate and simultaneous when the jump animation starts. The 2nd lp should follow with no hesitation. The 3rd hit, the lk, I do a very very very slight hesitation between hits 2 and 3. The hesitation is almost un-noticable to the naked eye. The only way you know it’s there is because you make an effort to do it. The last hit, Up+Hp should have a slight delay. It’s hard to describe: On hit #3, you wait to hear IM make a “grunt” on the kick, right as the grunt ends you should time the Up+Hp to hit.

  2. As far as falling too fast and drifting away… Well, I’m not sure how to help you there. I suppose you can try to focus on a single point on the screen as you’re going to town and use that point as a “Focal Point”, a visual point of reference if you will. It can be a point on the screen, the elevation of the backround animation, or the opponent flopping in mid-air. I keep my eye on the opponent and it’s relative height from the ground. If it looks like he’s starting to sink too low, then it means I got too slow or I hesitated too much. If you land and end up jumping by the opponent on the next session, then you nailed out the hits a little too fast.

  3. IM’s relative location of each hit should generally be like this:
    #1- Immediately as he leaves the ground.
    #2- Right as he reaches the peak of the jump.
    #3- At the first sign of decent from the jump.
    #4- Significant decent form the peak. On this hit you should be thinking " IM’s falling so I gotta keep this guy up…". And since you’ve been holding Diag-Up the whole time, you’ll take off the ground as soon as you land. At that point you should be concentrating on the connection of hit #1 again.

  4. Little things that help. If you’re doing the combo on the side of the screen that has the hit totalizer, (combometer), then that helps me out because it’s just another point of reference to calculate hit- location and time. Once you get to the corner, then the timing gets a little off. This is where I’m getting screwed up.

5 The final Stand+Hp xx ProCann is tricky for me. I’ve been doing this: when you’re ready to pull it, on the final hit sequence you put even more hesitation on the #4 hit so that you connect when you’re closer to the ground thus the #4 hit and Stnd+Hp are connected closer.

Last is rhythm. You get into you’re own groove in a way. Use all of your senses. Sight, looking on screen. Sound, listen to the hits and the sound effects. Touch, get a pattern down and get use to the feel. Um, there’s no use for taste. Sorry lol.

Well again, I’m a noob myself and I’ve got plenty to learn as well. I’m sure the other guys could problably give you better pointers. Anyway this is what I’ve picked up on by myself. As far as I know, I might be farther from the target than you are lol.

Hope this helps.

you mean I can’t like…tounge the controller or something? :bluu: oh well.

but thanks, man, i’m up to about 14 hits! :smiley:

S7evynStorm, which character are you doing the infinite on? Cuz lighter and heavier characters need different rhythms. Just trying to help out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Truth be told, if you’re n00b to the game, i think you should learn storm. I learned magneto first, then cable, then sentinel, then ironman, and storm last… i dunno, to ever be devastating, you should have a strong storm, in my opinion… but anyways…

i’m fine with all the infinites, except the air infinite, i’m guessing you have to be in unfly mode, which is why most people can’t get the last unfly-short-fierce… my question is, i saw some guy using ONLY fierce. opinions on that? anyone watch the damage counter on only using fierce-air-infinite, better than the jab/short-up+fierce infinite? better control (e.g. like you don’t have to worry if the opponent is too high or too low?)

in response to the jab, air dash + jab, up + fierce, infinite… that was more of a set-up to a infinite… what he meant was when you do a c.short, c.jab, it knocks the opponent up, so you super jump up with a jab, then you dash forward with a jab, then up+fierce, setting up the opponent in perfect hieight for the regular, jab, jab, short, u.fierce. but maybe you can do it as a regular infinite, but super-jumping on a regular infinite? not worth it… unless you’re going for show i guess =)

uh for the unfly infinite just fierce is kinda stupid because it scales damage like a bitch early on, so even though its fierce… its still 1 dmg… and positions is easier with lp and lks.

launch, lk, u+hp, a/d up, lk, u+hp, fly, lk, u+hp,<<<< UNFLY, u+hp, a/d up. lp, u+hp, fly, lk, u+hp, UNFLY >>>> repeat

does anyone have any vids that can send me through aim?.. just started iron man

I’m pretty much fairly new to MvC2 and also trying to learn Iron Man. It’s all about timing!!! I just started playing with him yesterday and i can get about 20-30 hits. btw sometimes when i’m doing the infinite i delay too much on the last hits and it resets the hit meter but i can still continue the infinite. hate when that happens. practicing in training mode is one thing but try playing the comp and doing it. it really screws up my timing, and even getting into it up can be troublesome.

btw, you might want to check out this vid of a guy using both War Machine and Iron Man in a match doing crazy infinites. i guess if you watch really carefully we might learn something. http://www.denjinvideo.com/redoctane/12-13-2003UCLAMvC2RuiNvJulius.WMV

I got some vids…good ones to

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thanks :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: