A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks


It’s funny but he’s allowed to run it as he like’s and he’s given carte blanche to do so.
Learn to love it.


Is that how you deal with people who have opinions that differ from yours because something like that I would expect from a child rather than from a full grown man.


Stop derailing who the fuck cares about wesker that’s not what this thread is about, discuss that else where


Nah the best part is coming here attacking the point giving it all the validity it need’s.


Opinion deals with non-determinate things.

His complaints deal with clearly elaborated issues i.e. easily determinable things.

Your lack of understanding of clearly elaborated, easily determinable things =

Did that help any?

I can resort to pictures, if need be.


kiets will put it on the front page.



Front page now has 5 seperate articles, each one for a single combo video (also one wacky and zany compilation!), and none of them are especially noteworthy. 2 of the articles are literally 3 minutes apart. Strangely enough, they’re all done by the RPG guy, so either he has nothing else to contribute, or he’s on combo video duty as far as I can tell.


I quite liked the post about DOA5 being 15% done. I can’t decide if that’s the most useless news post done so far. At this point, if it’s ANY news story on a fighting game/fighting game persona, it’s getting on the front page.


i dont read the front page because its like “hey you need to do this and this blah blah.” only time i read the front page is for combo vids and thats about it. I really dont need people telling me how to play since Ive been playing fighters in tournaments since 2001

ya that article on wesker is bs. Its like if I told everyone Sent wasnt broken in MvC2 and theres all these ways to beat him, and there are a lot of infinite combos on him. The thing is though hes used 98% of the time more then almost every character and can fit in almost any team. When a character gets over used there has to be a reason other wise people wouldnt use him


(And in this episode, we destroy what little feeling I have left in my left hand.)

I figured you would reply, Renegade, but you got a bit more defensive than I thought you would. I can’t help but feel that part of that is my fault for a couple of accidental implications, though.

Thankfully, since you wrote in entirely single sentence paragraphs (for some reason), that makes it extremely easy to maliciously abuse multi-quote. I thank you, good sir.

Multi-quote function, activate!

I never said I was the expert on it or anything else, hence why I prefaced my suggestions with “IMO”. I full well don’t expect everything or even anything I suggested to be implemented any time soon, especially since I have no clout (and, to be honest, I don’t really want any–“fame” is a terrible thing).

Regardless, one doesn’t have to be an “expert” (on what, exactly? being organized?) to know that the front page as it is now is a mess that could be a made at least slightly better.

Forums are going the way of the dinosaur? That’s not rhetorical because it’s honestly news to me since I don’t keep up with social media or blogs–I’m assuming that’s the type of stuff you’re saying/implying is “phasing out” forums, correct?

Anyway, I am well aware what the front page was like–I’m pretty sure I’ve been here since March 2001 if we’re trying to pull rank for some reason–until about a couple of years ago. Honestly, if it had to go back to be updated only once every month or so and being inundated with BS on a day-to-day basis, I’d gladly go back to the former. It’s not like you can’t keep up with information on other sites and it would be a lot less cluttered.

Regardless, it’s not like I’m calling Keits the devil or anything. I don’t have a personal problem with Mr. Heart or anyone on the front page.

Because, unlike CNN (which is hardly a respectable news source a lot of the time) or newspapers, we have forums that people are already signed up for and where it’s easier to keep track of replies and be alerted to more information coming into that topic. As it is now, between the separate, invasive sign-up system and the fact that replies don’t “bump” a news topic like they do a thread, it just seems unnecessary.

To be honest, I’m not sure how to fix that or if it can be fixed, hence why I just figured to “bite the bullet” and get rid of them entirely for the sake of theoretical maximizing of organization/elimination of clutter. Again, I’m not going to claim to be an expert on organization or coding or sign-up systems or whatever, it just “seems” kinda obvious.

Admittedly, it was perhaps a bit hasty to say that they should be gotten rid of entirely. However, considering that most of the ones lately have been people just putting up anything about topics they obviously don’t know much if anything about like that abortive woman’s article, I think the quality of them at present has been lacking to the point where they’re better off dead; yours doesn’t fall here, though I disagree with it for other reasons obviously.

Only 80 people? With how much traffic the UMvC3 forums get? And how constantly it would doubtless be bumped? Uh, I’m pretty sure it might have gotten more traffic on forums on than on the front page since it will eventually fade from the “spotlight” of the top of the front page over time.

You’re underestimating both the traffic in that forum and yourself. I’m rather surprised considering how often you seem to post there. You know how much people flock any post in that main forum because it’s not like this article would really belong in the Wesker sub-character forum, since obviously other Wesker users aren’t going to be the ones really complaining about him being “overpowered” (whether he is or not).

I don’t recall saying it was an entirely irrelevant thing to discuss at all, just that it seems weird to have such an opinion piece on the front page that doesn’t really even address the question at hand. While it says “Wesker: Not Overpowered”, I’d say it argues more for “Wesker: Not Broken even with X-Factor Level 3 & glasses off; Beatable”.

Unless, of course, you’re saying it’s relevant because it was related to a big tournament over the weekend, in which case then I would probably concede the point even if I would still disagree with some things in the article.

I didn’t mention that because overpowered characters are still beatable, broken ones aren’t. It’s implicit.

Also, since I said that you had valid opinions within the article, of which I was including those, I saw no reason to address it.

Okay…? I don’t have a problem that it was written. I like that it was written (even if I think it could be written better, like my own posts), especially since I have a shittier computer than most at present, so multiple embedded stuff on one page drives my computer to insanity.

Good to see we can agree on something. [/not condescending sarcasm]

That article was seriously an egregious mistake to the point that I don’t know why anyone thought it was a good idea.

Again, we agree, so I’m not sure why you’re bringing this up.

That’s currently a huge problem with UMvC3 Wesker too in that people were refusing to block and dropping combos left & right; I’m sure that fatigue and tiredness were a factor. You pointed this out and I agree(d) with it…since I already realized that when people were griping about nerfing him in stream thread when the game hasn’t been out a month yet. I don’t want to see Wesker nerfed (at least into the ground, which is bound to happen with a knee-jerk reaction) and I dislike Wesker.

It makes you both, actually. I never said that you shouldn’t be talking about the character just because you play him. Hell, that makes you more qualified automatically than a most of the people bitching about him. Still, it does at least subconsciously color your opinion I’d argue since nothing is 100% completely objective.

Regardless, my apologies for implying (or seeming like I was implying) that the article was utterly biased just because you played Wesker even though I said you did have some good points in there.

I realize that. Considering it’s an opinion piece, though, it’s obviously arguable whether or not that would still make him overpowered, even if he’s not as overpowered as people are claiming to be to the point where they are already clamoring that he should be nerfed.

KillerKai? Viscant? Who are they? I’ve never heard of them.

Seriously, though, please don’t try to pull name clout. You were doing well without being condescending.

Also, please note that, again, I never said that your opinion or your article was 100% wrong to begin with. I just disagreed that it belonged on the front page (as the front page is now or “should” ultimately be) and whether it addressed the entitled point–“overpowered”-ness–that it claimed to address. It had/has points of merit, certainly more than a lot of front page articles at present.

I kinda wish that I could reply to it in-depth piece by piece, but I don’t want to sign-up for the front page–so dumb–or put it in this thread (since I’m already cluttering it up with long-winded posts), so…yeah. I’m fine with agreeing to disagree. It’s certainly not like I have anything personal against you, KillerKai, Viscant or any “big name” players. They are all seem like nicer, more talented people than I.

If you still want me to address what exactly I was talking about when I said I thought your article had problems, then I will gladly do so; just give me a day or two. If you do not care (because I’m not some “big name” or whatever other reason), then that is equally fine with me; my left hand would thank you considering how much it’s acting up right now.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to take a long bath. [/needless information]


Holy shit you suck at writing.


Although I definitely have some issues with some of the content being posted on the main page–the article on balance was poorly reasoned clap-trap, for example–the biggest problem right now is so much of the front page content is not important or relevant. I wonder how many SRK regulars totally missed Inkblot’s article on eSports/Street Fighter? If you missed it:

That article was probably the most important thing to hit the front page of SRK in years. 4 days later it’s already buried under a pile of SC5, Tekken, and DOA crap. What the hell?

The signal to noise ratio is completely out of hand right now.


TL;DR, GG NO RE. :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:


I honestly usually skip over the front page now. The combo video clutter is just too much. Every other day we are getting a new combo video that really isn’t any different from the combo video we got a couple days before from the same character(s). Not to mention a lot of them are completely impractical to using in an actual competitive match.

Just put all the combo videos in one post every day/couple days or whatever. They shadow over a lot more imformative videos that are actually applicable to competitive gameplay.


Yeah, if you used your numbers, but those numbers really don’t mean Mega Man wasn’t iconic or well liked, it just means they milked the fucking cow until blood was coming out of its tits. It’s still their second best selling franchise and I really doubt there’s as much overlap in sales as say, CoD or Final Fantasy (ugh). Whether you like it or not, both Ryu and Mega Man were Capcom to many gamers back in the day (MM fans or not).

disclosure: I honestly don’t care at all if Mega Man is in any game ever again, but I don’t agree with what you wrote at all.


^ http://capcom.co.jp/ir/english/business/salesdata.html
The information on that link is outdated. MM is the 3rd biggest. With MH probably being their fastest selling. I wouldn’t be surprised if MH overtook MM soon. Monster Hunter prints money.


“Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh, balance balance Wesker balance Mega Man balance balance Yun.”

Funny how a thread bitching about the front page has become the front page.


Eh…not the place to discuss how good Wesker is or isn’t or Mega Man’s place in fuck all. On the other hand though, Renegade’s post is an attempt in the right direction. I need to go back to re-read it properly but we need more of that shit. Somebody who knows these characters to write about them. Similarly with the other article that was drowned in a sea of shit on Don’s Arcade.

That type of content is fantastic content. I’m not going to shit on it because fuck, its a start towards the right place as opposed to getting panties twisted all over the place. If you want to fight about the content, do it in the page. For this either talk about how shitty of a person I am for the stuff I wrote, agree/disagree and put some suggestions. I’m not done writing things. Spoiler though: next article will have 100% less mentions of dead baby jokes. I know, I’m sad about that too.


I’d like to think that any writer in his profession wants to raise the bar on execution, and perhaps within the boundaries of his/her work environment - coordinate a thorough and comprehensive delivery of ‘x’ content.

That being said, I honestly don’t know what the fuss is about.

Like any outlet with a delivery system and purpose of news/updates/etc. within their genre - they will experience quality issues. Driving factors may involve (but are not exclusive to) :

  • writer’s block
  • internal politics / change in leadership, writing team, etc.
  • employee’s morale
  • current state of ‘x’ industry/genre/subject matter
  • who the hell knows

Where I’m getting at is… if I want to read “quality” editorials, and have the mindset to nit pick the technical manner in which they deliver their content - I’m not going to Shoryuken.com. I think most of us can agree to that.

I think some people forget or perhaps complete overlook - these guys/gals are just like us, who for whatever reason are involved in their operations. Maybe some of them actually do this for a living… although my inclination is, no. Maybe most of them have jobs in a career field we are completely aware of. Perhaps they are involved in the writing community because they provide a perspective that many of us may not be instilled to think because we lack the access? I don’t know. Please fill me in.

This isn’t neurosurgery. It’s a portal where anything that might be remotely interesting to the general populous, is delivered. Sometimes it’ll be well delivered. Lately, I myself think it’s suffered a bit. But if the overall quality is lacking - no one is going to die over it.

You should of course try to take pride in any work you do, whether someone else sees it or not. Volunteer or paid. But i don’t think the subject deserves such hatred and soap box attitude. If you have nearly as much energy as you did writing your opinion, why not take it one step further and show them how it’s done? Now - that’s something I’d be interested in seeing.


Don’s Arcade article is posted today and is already on page 2 thanks to 2 articles about the same DoA progress news and bunch of videos :[