A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks


(Ah, I had forgotten how good bubble-baths feel. I need to take more of those. [/apex of manliness])

Oh, don’t worry, good Sir Pertho. Should Sir Renegade ask for a response, I’ll likely just PM him back what my grievances with his message were rather than spend more of thread’s precious space. I know this is not the place to talk about Wesker, which is why I was trying not to do so.

raises hand at missing it

I probably wouldn’t have known it existed if BlackShinobi didn’t go out of his way to post in twice in the lounge threads. It stayed at the top for way too short a time for how important it is, to the point that I must admit that I consciously downplayed its importance by thinking “if it was good, then it would stay there for a while instead of being replaced by Vergil/Dante/Xxx combo video #7, especially since Mr. Cannon has basically completely power over the site.”

So I just ignored it until now since it got pushed down by a bunch of other trash.

That was obviously a mistake. Damn, that thing is so well written even before taking the actual content into account. Not every front page article needs to break up things as neatly and as orderly, but just using good grammar, especially syntax and word choice, goes an extremely long way.

Also, it would figure that you and a few other people would far more concisely say what I and Pertho were trying to get out. I am abysmal when it comes to trying to be concise obviously.

No, it’s more like “TL;DR: I’ll gladly reply with what I actually think was wrong and what I think was right with the ‘Wesker: Not Overpowered’, but not here. Also, you’re being a bit defensive and needlessly condescending.”

Just like how my nonexistent, long-winded reply to you for this would be “TL;DR: Why the fuck did you quote all of that? You’re usually smarter than that, but all you did was waste space and spam, so it’s not my fault if Preppy infracts you and if you’re compelled me to want to shiv you a kidney should we ever me. I can’t be held responsible for my ire. America!”

Seriously, though, don’t quote all of that. How drunk are you? [/assumption]


I actually really like the new front page. Got a really healthy amount of news along with some interesting opinion articles, along with the downright helpful like the controller article a few days back. Yeah, it really could use some help in some aspects, like the pictures betwixt paragraphs, but I overall like the new front page, as it keeps me reading.


Not at all at the time, I just wanted to be more like BlackRob :frowning:


What boggles my mind is how Justin Wong has his own column on EventHubs but no such thing exists here on SRK.


Maybe because J.Wong is fairly bad at presenting strategy to players in written or spoken form?

The Damned: a lot of your points make sense, and it seems you agree w/ a lot of my points I presented in the wesker article, so I don’t really feel the need to defend anymore. Bottom line is that ultimately… SRK users generate most of the front page content.

I agree that there needs to be less posts on one 25 second combo variation and more about the actual games.

I believe my next editorial will be

“Buy KOF. Play KOF. KOF for EVO. B/c to me, it’s more fun than SFIV, and here’s why”


It seems most people are, but I still don’t get how he gets a column there instead of SRK, which is (or used to be?) regarded as the premier FG destination on the web. Eventhubs is what, like maybe 3 years old or so?


Because they offered to pay him to do it to generate more page hits? Just like how they offered to pay for strategy articles instead of waiting for people to give them free like on SRK?


Stuff like that should really go without saying…

My point is that EH seems to have at least some of their shit together. So WTF is going on @ SRK?


Time to make this thread seem free…

Is the front page a fighting game? Kappa


while i agree that the article is important and that it should be on the front page more time, i wouldnt say that the news about oncoming games are crap, they are also news that have a valid reason to be on the front page

if any, there should be an option to have some articles (2 maybe 3) with more priority stay on the top of the heap of front page posts


Yea because Street Fighter and Marvel are the only games that should take center stage… -_-


just weighing in briefly here… I’m glad Pertho didn’t get a job as a front page writer, because he’s a terrible writer who is about as funny as the comedy coach from Borat. His acrebic “wit” comes off as a quarter baked rip-off of dry English humor, and mentioning dead babies then hanging a lampshade on his mentioning of dead babies is… well, as dead as the babies. Its about as edgy and cool as a video of octogenarians ghost riding their Buick. Mentioning religious people, too? Were you intentionally lining up the biggest, most obvious and played out targets possible for your lampooning?

Best solution for the front page? Tag articles and let people set up their own filters so people only have to look at stuff they want to see. Such a solution is probably way above the heads of the SRK webmasters who can barely even keep this forum running, but it would be a good way of making everybody happy. A little bit more quality control is necessary when it comes to which videos they post. The round-ups are good ideas, but in these mass video postings some stuff makes it in that is so outrageously basic or poorly done it does not deserve any coverage.

I don’t mind the editorials, and if you had any sense you may have noticed both of them ignited big debates about the content of the articles. So, they are doing a bang up job at what they are supposed to be doing - driving traffic to the front page, so SRK can make more ad money to spend on only god knows what… because they sure as hell don’t put it towards improving their godawful uptime, server performance, or even fixing the script errors the FRONT PAGE will throw up in Internet Explorer 8.

But anyway, I’m glad Pertho doesn’t get to write on the front page.


Amen to that


lol edits

speaking of crappy forum software, how about being able to edit your posts freely forever without them ever being stamped as “edited?” I don’t really mind because I edit almost every single post I make 2-3 times after I put it up the first time. But still, its kinda dumb.


They should just ‘sticky’ some of the more important articles and leave the rest that arent as important (‘are the boobies in DOA really that big?’) just roll on through like inactive threads do on the forums.


I really have to wonder if there is any direction to the writing staff. Do people even have purposes or are you all just doing your own thing? You guys need a restructure something fierce and you should probably consider consulting people who have done stuff like this right. Call it a shameless plug for my buddy Hot_Bid but the teamliquid.net front page is about the best example I can think of… I would take a shameless rip of that format with fighting game news over the existing front page any day


Yeah, the little opinion pieces that precede the content are annoying. Like, if SNKP thought these vids were doing more harm than good, I doubt they would be making them.

Honestly, these vids are increasing my respect for SNKP because it’s acknowledging their own game and that they know it very well.


The front page needs a way for me to filter out what I’m interested/not interested in. Categories, as it were.


I remember this being talked about before on the site a few months back, to bad nothing came of it.


I was going to send this as a PM in a discussion with OP, but wth:
I thought the first 1/3 was highly counterproductive to having any kind of persuasive conversation. Needing to wade through hyperbole of any sort tends to heartily distract from someone getting your point.

I thought the actual ideas buried under their seemed simple and logical enough. I’d go further than that, but that ties in with my personal belief that this is a first pass amateur-ish attempt at putting together the previously unnecessary “front page” / news ticker. SRK knows fighting games: it doesn’t necessarily know pretty. [sad nod to Aris here] But then again it doesn’t seem like a ton of sites get news tickers/front pages these days. Probably the only one I can think of that I really like is:

  • http://www.neowin.net/
    You might hate the site (it’s gone downhill, as any hipster would tend to believe of any site ever), but I think they do an actual job of providing categorization and filters.

Put in that kind of thing, track what kind of views are more popular, cater to that. I do miss APEX and enjoy seeing tourney results/vid highlights featured. I’d go to the front page for that kind of thing. “Weekly bout highlights”? Yes plz.