A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks


Just because I say something doesn’t mean for it to be taken literally just like when people sugar-coat their opinions on something to make it sound less offensive or rude. One person says “It’s shit!” and another says “Well… it’s not the best”. I was doing the same thing. What that should’ve been taken as is, “I don’t agree with the complaints as a whole.”


there is a lot of garbage on the front page that doesn’t need to be there sometimes. Feels like its more of filler type of thing just to keep the front page current. Very few times is that front page actually filled with good articles. Lately, I’ve liked the kof net play ones and the one about WCG and fighting games was very well written.

I would like to see the front page take more of a stand honestly. Use the front page to reach developers about how shitty their net code is for example as I’ve yet to see one article on the front page bashing the shit out umvc3\sf4 online in the era of online gaming. Something like that benefits the community and not 1 single person.

what about this current patch mvc3 is getting in a few weeks? why is a patch coming out 1 month after the game has dropped? its not possible to find all the broken shit in time to actually fix. So they fix all the things wrong with the game right now and 1 month after the patch, something game breaking pops up. Does anyone think capcom will just keep dropping money every time the community doesn’t like something? Since patches take so much time\money to do, why rush it out the door like that? why not do it right and wait to see how many things will need patching and fix it 6months-1year down the road? not one other developer does patches this way.

what about EVO and the need to play on ps3’s for umvc3 even though its the most inferior port of the game? how can the world championships be played on an inferior port? especially when over 95% of umvc3 tournaments are ran on x360’s? I know evo is sponsored by sony so those systems are free to use but its fucking up the game from a competitive stand point.

things like that are a community concern and they’re actually valid topics. Whether or not shoryuken.com heads want to talk about things like that as it affects this website or its relationship to capcom is a different story.


I think that they are just patching the Z-axis glitch and the whole stupid teching whenever you damn well please. I think Niitsuma learned fron sentinel and is gonna let this one ride out. Some really stupid glitches have been appearing so i am hoping that is all they are patching. I know it isn’t simple, but i don’t know if EVO team can approach Microsoft for some kind of deal on X-boxes? It wouldn’t hurt to try.

I am fucking furious that shit like (degrading women, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH) and shit like ( The characters you want to use not being o=in the gmae does not make a game bad) WHY IS THIS SHIT ON THE FRONT PAGE. That is some unity level shit, come on now. I am also tired of U/MvC3 combo videos every day. Make a sidebar for videos again and forget about it, it easily overshadows actual good articles. The writers need to get their shit together and learn who they are writing for. Not the retards on unity, not to pick up chicks for showing that you care about them, but to show news on fighting games, and hopefully get in sonic hurricane level articles on the front page as well.


I read that post

I understand you can’t please all the people all the time and everyone is a critic etc. but the delivery of your opinion could’ve served as a better segue into something to discuss in the comments. Your question seems to pick a side instead of being neutral.


Conversational tone is perfectly acceptable, if it is consistent throughout.

You’re far and away one of the better posters in the SF4 and UMC3 forums,

I’ll definitely give it a perusal.


That’s where editing and quality control from SRK needs to come it; I don’t blame you for taking advantage of the opportunity to have your opinion blasted on the front page, but I think even you realize it didn’t need to be there. Having read your posts on the forums in the past, I find you a contrarian that likes to challenge the status quo, and while that is all well and good, it doesn’t really have much value to me without a counterpoint being offered. The game is just too young to start drawing conclusions about who is overpowered and who isn’t, and putting your article on the front page just puts you in front of the knee-jerk reaction parade with everyone else frothing at the mouth over Wesker, pro or con.

Also, name dropping just serves to make your argument look weak, you don’t need to resort to that.


Yes, the future of our competitive culture should absolutely take center stage, especially over games only a minority of SRK users play.


So you’re basically saying we should just become Eventscrubs?


I must say, I don’t follow your reasoning.


i believe he’s saying to embrace all the fighting games, and not just the top 2 fighting games that are out right now. who cares about them being a minority, they are helping keep the community alive just like the other people. SUPPORT EVERYONE!


Okay I’ll put it like this. Why should srk front page articles only about two already released games and news surrounding them when it would be better if they frontpaged news about the new releases coming out next year. It would do more from the community and help game diversity. Umvc 3 and sf4 are already released
Shouldn’t news about the upcoming games take priority over random articles about philosophy in fighters and tournament announcments?


Thank you so much, Based Pertho.

No disrespect to them, but I’ve been paying waaaaay more attention to EventHubs lately for “fighting game news.”


I really have to wonder if there is any direction to the writing staff. Do people even have purposes or are you all just doing your own thing? You guys need a restructure something fierce and you should probably consider consulting people who have done stuff like this right. Call it a shameless plug for my buddy Hot_Bid but theteamliquid.net front page is about the best example I can think of… I would take a shameless rip of that format with fighting game news over the existing front page any day


I thought some of those articles were pretty neat, especially the one about combo memorization. Though i don’t think it was necessary as we kinda do that automatically and don’t necessarily need it explained, it was still an interesting read.

So you’re saying that each and every article must be to that extreme of strictly competitive topics? I think not. Other article involving relevant topics in fighting games is nice, such as the recent vid about the UMVC3 port on Vita.

SRK need not carry itself like an extremist forum(AKA: be competitive or %^$# off).

Plenty of articles on other sites divide or end its sections with pics. Does it matter if the rest of the content is still good?

SRK is already a widely recognized forum. Such things that are somewhat trivial in the end and won’t hurt its image.

SRK and the front page are for gamers, they’re not for compiling presentations for board room meetings here. As such, i hope i echo the majority when i say that members who read these articles aren’t a bunch of anal-retentive grammar nazis. We don’t give a damn if they aren’t composed in a manner worthy of an A in an high-level college english class.

As long as the content itself is good and the overall grammar/sentence mechanics is decent. Thats good enough.

Shit does NOT have to go through hours of strict editing beforehand like its about to be published in a renowned science journal or something.

If you were such hot shit you wouldn’t have needed someone else to HELP you edit and sort out the errors in your own essay. Just saying…

Overall i do agree with a lot of your points. For what its worth i’d give you the job if i could.


I am drooling over your post right now. I swear people always wanna be elitist about something.


It’s pretty sad that both of you seem to think proper grammar and structure when writing an article is trivial because of the website it’s on. That’s no excuse let alone insulting to the people who come here. Secondly, True Grave, there’s a reason you have someone else read and look over your writing, go to school.


To me this entire argument is sort of a microcosm for the FGC at large. I feel like Shoryuken USED TO BE the website dedicated to the competitive fighting game community, but I don’t think it is that anymore or if it is, its working to transition into something larger. There are many people in the FGC who would like our scene to stay gritty, underground, raw so to speak. But people who can capitalize on their talents want access to bigger prize pools that say sponsorship brings. Sponsorship that comes with responsibilities to the people they represent to represent their brands with professionalism and class, you can see where these values can come into conflict very quickly and in our case will take time, and honest debate to resolve.

I think what many SRK diehards are experiencing is something akin to politics in the United States in the far right and far left. You see your candidates go through a primary, speaking directly to you, giving you everything you want, then its time for the general election and they leave you to get the middle knowing where your vote is and you kick and complain but at the end, you can’t vote for the other guy so you come back home, vote for the guy you loved in the primary and grumble.

To me, SRK has little competition with the exception of something like Eventhubs when it comes to providing relevant ‘news’ to the FGC and so many SRK diehards are so ANTI-Eventhubs that SRK feels it can evolve and change and maybe go after more casual fighting game fans with more of its content and they know you’ll stick around. You may create threads like this and kick and complain bitterly about it, but where else are you going to go? You’ll either create you’re own competitor (which is feasible, there’s not a huge barrier to entry) or go to something like Eventhubs which we’ve established for many of the people posting in this thread isn’t going to happen.

So I think its great that SRK has the ability to let you express your frustrations, they haven’t shut the thread down, they’re open to criticism, but they’re making an active editorial decision to expand their reader base, you don’t have to like it, but its hard to argue that SRK growing its ability to raise money through getting more eyeballs to the site is bad for the FGC at large. Especially when its stuff like this which allows SRK to put on Showmatches that are going to put 1K into 3 different people’s pockets.

TL;DR SRK is choosing to grow up and get more people to read, feel free to complain but you know you’re not going anywhere else. But yes, as a matter of professionalism, some more editing certainly wouldn’t hurt.


And I ask, On what basis does it make it “sad” that I think proper grammar and structure( when point is still clearly seen) is not even close to as important as the content of the article?

Maybe you just want to objectify a subjective matter of importance to stand on your elitist high horse… well who knows.
Also dont worry about my intelligence being insulted. My intelligence doesnt revolve around something as shallow as language. :slight_smile:


Caring about proper grammar and structure from paid writers on a website speaking to potentially thousands if not more shouldn’t even be a concern because that’s writing 101, literally writing 101. Don’t write to represent a website as high profile as SRK and put in 0 effort in your writing. It’s hard to take someones point seriously when it’s so terribly written and their point goes around in circles because of no structurecough d3vcough


Okay structure, I’ll give you that. Grammar, meh i dont care too much for it unless the meaning is not clear.