A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks


I would agree if all this wasn’t a midst a pile of shit parading as articles. Not to mention the lack of organization behind it. Let’s take a look at what’s actually there for a minute.

Persona 4 - I like where this is going. Unique fighting game related content.

SC1 for iOS - You need a whole article for every game going to a mobile platform?

MK9 NEC results - This is dogshit, not because it’s MK9 and I hate the game. Where is the 1 fucking article with the NEC results? There are different ones for different games. This a great example of where a little organization goes a long way, you can condense 4-5 front page articles into a single one that covers related topics.

DoA gamespot footage - This is more shit. You have another “article” about the same thing a few posts below. Again, have one person organize the shit and have a SINGLE article written for all the DoA announcements in a given period of time.

SC5 Content - I would be all for this one if there weren’t 5 other SC5 content related articles that went up since NEC.

AE combo video featuring Cammy and Sagat - This is the epitome of spam. The sheer number of combo videos you see on the front page blows my mind and pushes everything off the front page. I have seen “articles” where they try and have the weeks worth of combo videos and not cared enough to look at them. Why? Because every notable one had it’s own “article” on the front page already. That is where I lose my shit, you have someone smart enough to decide there should be a single article for the weeks worth of videos. But everyone and their mother puts them up anyways… I don’t get it.

Then you have an interview with James Chen about a hot topic - The whole fighting games as they relate to eSports thing, which is the first thing on the whole front page that should be there by itself. Even then I would love to see an article detailing WTF happened before that, give the people who don’t click refresh on the front page some background on the fucking topic.

I’m going to stop mentioning everything up there right now for the sake of not calling it all shit. The Wakeup SRK related “article” and the news about MvC glitch to be patched out are actually useful, the rest is redundant dogshit that reminds me how little organization there is to the front page.

Check out Team Liquid’s website if you want to see what a bit of organization does for you

PS (edit) - Why are you guys bitching about grammar the whole time? Is it so much to ask for people getting paid to write to do so with proper mechanics? All this whining about grammar does is detract from the real point here, the lack of organization. Stop crying over semantics and voice a relevant opinion


You get what you pay for with low expectations, and the ‘lol w r just gamerz!’ mentality is what gets us marginalized as consumers. Since SRK is the driving force behind Evo, an event which works very hard to be taken seriously by game developers and sponsors, I think it is reasonable to assume that they would want front page content which has proper grammar and at least appears to be edited. To be honest, most of the articles that have been put on the front page are short and simple enough that they wouldn’t have to go through ‘hours’ of editing, but that would just be my opinion.


Some Wesker players, obv. :lol:

This last page of comments has given me cause to re-evaluate a previously held belief.

I was misguided in my praise.

Renegade really isn’t that good of a poster - the SF4 and MVC3 forums just make him SEEM so.


you know you’re talking to this guy, right?


I totally agree with the whole combo videos thing. I mean damn how much combo videos do I have to scroll through just to see relevant info. All this bickering and arguing is vain over what is relevant info and what isnt. We need a better lack of organization when it comes to the news. With a “general” front page that lacks bias and presents news about upcoming games and general FG philosophy talk and Tournament announcments. And the rest go to their specific game’s section. But I’m just talkin a big game right now so let me shut up. Btw this thread should be closed.


Google page rank via: http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php

home - 5/10
forum - 4/10
wiki - 2/10

I wouldn’t say “way of the dinosaur” just yet…


A lot of people may take offense to the language but that was a calculated decision by me. This did not go in the front page where it would give the site as a whole a bad name. Instead it was presented as a post where it follows along with some valued SRK traditions like “going in” on something/somebody. More importantly the language engaged people enough to the point where they continued reading and discussing it. This concern has been expressed in a number of posts but this is as much for the writers as it is for the community. If we do not hold those writers to a better standard then the odds of the page improving are small.

Most people who have been through proper writing classes can tell you that it is the most humbling and nerve shaking experience possible. One good writing class will be far more brutal than anything I have posted to date. Even if those guys writing are bad or seem bad now, they have the willingness to continue and if they do continue, they need to get better. Sure there will be some hurt feelings in the tiny part of it even some gun-shyness, but in the long run we all benefit from asking them to perform better. They more than us because then they can, hopefully, take these articles and turn them into professional opportunities.

Those people who can write properly. If you do not understand why semicolons are valid critique or if you do not know how to use them, then you do not know enough about writing well to chide my article for it. Step your game up. Semicolons go hard if you know how to use them properly.

I got you to care enough to comment. If you do not understand that my writing made you do this, you will continue thinking I made a bunch of careless decisions as to the presentation of my ideas. But alas here you are with complaints of your own about the community. Pretty sure that if I got front page coverage that I would be writing something relevant and complaining behind the scenes about my article getting buried over another random combo video.

If there is anything to take away from the professional musician community to relate to the fighting game community it would be: 1) practicing properly and 2) dealing with performance anxiety. Memorizing combos is hardly ever the problem with fighting games. Very few times people lose because they forgot the combo they were doing.


I only cared because it was in my top 5 most recent updated posts, I read it, thought it sucked and since I had nothing better to do, I let you know. You are in no position to criticize anybody’s writing.

Any hack can string together a bunch of horrible metaphors, bad jokes, and slap it into a rambling structure. A good writer would have been able to get your points across in a post one quarter the length, and then start a debate, without resorting to jokes about dead babies and religion. That you drew attention to your editing and proof-reading just makes it worse. A good editor would have taken one look at it, said it sucked, thrown it out and told you to start again from scratch.


Damn thing won’t let me fix the quote thing.


Damn I got a good chuckle from this. Well I do think that the front page should have categories so that articles the good ones do not get pushed to the bottom so fast.


We can have good informative appealing to the competitive articles AND the broad reaching, casual attention grabbing stuff. The problem is that everything is front page worthy at the moment and the important articles get bumped to page 2 in 3 hours. It’s quantity over quality right now.


The problem is agreeing on what is important and what isnt


Two SFxT articles 15 minutes apart lol


Just wanted to chime in here, and let you guys know alot of the front page stuff we are trying new things, and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Tournament results are always up right after big events now, so that part of reporting is taking care of.

Regardless of the content on the main page, I really dont think anyone wants to go back to the days of when we didnt update the front page at all, where many weeks there was no new content at all.

We are constantly evolving the site, and love to read your feedback, but just because you dont like articles about SFXT or combo videos in Ultimate MvC3, doesnt mean other people dont want them.

The days of catering to the hardcore and keeping everything underground are definately over.


I’m sure I’m in the super extreme minority, but I’m starting to avoid the front page entirely and just come straight to the forums. Between EventHubs and following the right people on Twitter, you can find out everything you need to know from the SRK front page, and you don’t have to worry about missing anything because of all the combo video spam and forum posts posing as news. I’m not going to boycott it entirely, because it’s still good to check for the odd stream, but right now it isn’t a useful resource…and yes, I’m still salty that I didn’t get to see Inkblot’s e-sports piece on the front page because of the glut :(.


But the quality and quanity of these post really need to be examine. When important information is constantly bumped off the first page because somone wants to post a ton of combo vidoes within five minutes of each other is a problem. And god someone needs to check the content of the vids, that Check Your Blood vid is a prime example; full of BnBs that ahve been posted repeatedly ON the front page and combos that are literally impossible outside training.


Well usually important stories are put in the header of 4 rotating stories. I cant tell you why Inkblots article didnt go in the header though.


Thank god Renegade’s post about Wesker being ok made it in ;).

I think most of us who have been vocal in this thread understand that the front page is going through some big changes, and all we are asking for is a little editing and oversight so it is still usable as a way to get information. It doesn’t make sense to me why two souped up forum posts about balance and tiers have been stuck to the header within the past month, while important information and news gets flooded off the front page by combo videos and such. I think that you get what our concerns are, so I’m not going to belabor the points any further, but thank you for checking in here, I was wondering if anyone was listening.


There just seems to be a news post every time something, even minute, about fighting games is talked about somewhere or revealed. It’ll get hits i guess but it’s pretty ridiculous that there are 2 posts about sfxt, about the same thing essentially, 7 minutes apart when you could have simply edited the first one(or you know have it be one post in the first place since the video news didn’t come after he posted the one with screenshots) and included the videos and bump it to the top. It doesn’t seem like the writers have ANY sort of communication with each other to avoid that kind of thing. A combo video roundup on a weekly basis would be nice to reduce clutter. Keits was good at that(and noticing when a combo video was actually worth looking at not just some random who has a dazzle and a list of combos infront of him).


Who cares about practical combos? I want to see the crazy impractical ones. I could care less about BnB’s I figured out on my own after 5 minutes in practice mode.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon and it’s really weird to me. Why the heck is there such an aversion to real demonstrations of skill and creativity :looney:.