A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks


The blogroll format is useless if you get a million posts a minute. Although, with a little organization, it could be workable. Thats what tagclouds are for.


what percentage of people actually use tagclouds.


I use tagclouds. I was looking for a certain KoF article earlier, clicked the KoFXIII tag, boom – found it quickly and easily.


The front page is trash. Once upon a time, I was looking for information about an upcoming game called Capcom vs. SNK 2 (what was that about salty old men?). I found some screen shots of characters I hadn’t seen in the game yet on a website called shoryuken.com. So I kept coming back to that page to make sure I didn’t miss any new info on the upcoming title; it seemed somehow these guys always got the info first. Now, of course they didn’t always have new info, but I checked every day anyway. There weren’t many articles, but since I went to the site every day, I thought I might as well check one out.

I am so glad I did. You see, back then, I was still a scrub. I could do all the moves and shit, but I still had a scrub mentality. I still believed in letting up so the opponent had a chance to attack. I thought that throwing fireballs and poking were poor strategies because the opponent could just block them all day. Then I read that article. It was by James Chen, and he had included a video (this is before YouTube, mind you) which he provided commentary on in the article. He didn’t just give the play-by-play; he commented on his mentality. He talked about what he was thinking when he did those moves and what he THOUGHT his opponent was thinking. The game CvS1, James was playing Yuri, and he commented that in his footsies he always go for the walk up throw twice in a row, because no one expects you to do it twice in a row.

His article changed my life. Suddenly I understood. I understood that I’m NOT obligated to give my opponent a chance. That fireballs and pokes used as pressure ARE good strategies. I understood that there’s no such thing as “cheap” because it’s the OPPONENT’S job to stop you, and if they can’t, it’s they’re fault they lose.

This is what SRK means to me. And what do I think about the front page in this context? I agree with the OP: it’s shit.

KOF XIII – Day One Iori '98 Tech!

Who cares? Day One? Here’s an idea: let the people who do care about the game PLAY THE GOD DAMN GAME. The only thing you’re going to show them with a video like this is the exact same stuff THEY would do on day one.

Ono Interested in Future Collaborations Should SFxT, TxSF Find Success!

This just in! When video game companies make money selling video games, they continue to make video games! Hot news! It’s not news, though. In fact, it doesn’t even confirm that “future collaborations” will happen. So this “article” is just a paragraph taken from an interview of another website and is just speculation that nothing can be concluded from. In other words, nonsense.

Street Fighter x Tekken Dev Blog Includes Footage of Zangief Using Speed Gems!

Most boring video of my life, and at the time I watched it there wasn’t even a translation of the blog. But hey, sensationalism and speculation gets you those clicks, right? Gotta keep these obnoxious LG ads loading!

And to the people who are sympathizing with the content providers: don’t. Having experience in performance arts, I look at it this way; if you go on stage and have a bad performance, you get boo’d and rotten tomatoes get thrown at you etc. Now, after that, you can either give it up and go home, or you improve your act to please the audience. Saying we don’t have the right to boo and throw tomatoes is basically saying that you have no standards, no integrity, and no determination to improve. The reaction that anybody who takes pride in the work should have is, “They wanna see a good act!? I’ll SHOW them a good act!” That’s what we want. They think they’re good writers? Show me.


Combo videos should get their own section. The sidebar is a nice solution. I don’t know WHY it was removed.


I think the articles on the site are great, and if you disagree, why the hell are you here? I found this site and I’ve loved it ever since, even if I disagree with some of the articles or find them to be uninteresting. I don’t see why we should dictate what the SRK authors write. Hell, what happened to freedom on speech?

But on a serious note, this site could, ya know, not exist or not provide the satisfying content that you feel isn’t present enough, or they could ban your ass.

I think you should appreciate what you have. You can and probably will end up with a lot less without appreciation for what already is.


For someone who seems to think this thread and the people in it don’t appreciate SRK, you sure are blind to see all we are trying to do is improve the quality of what’s on the front page and what’s written on it to reflect what SRK is, IE not an amateur blog with a forum. By making excuses for what’s currently vomited onto the front page and being complacent is what would hold SRK back. btw freedom of speech involves being allowed to disagree…but na you knew that already…


I disagree! :slight_smile:

The only belief I argued that was definitely in the minority was the whole Kratos ban thing, and that’s b/c all the tourneys were PS3 only anyway. My other opinions in the tier thread aren’t very contrarian: marvel top 5 from march was pretty much spot on. I do like to blow up all th “C.Viper is S Tier” idiots though.

Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what belongs on the front page, but i definitely think there’s room for metagame related opinion pieces as well as long as they are somewhat relevant to current events and also involve some strategy discussion. It shows up on Wakeup SRK quite often too.

Everyone seems to agree it’s a bit better than the glut of silly combo videos and/ or “comeback compilation vol 4094409309”

And everyone SHOULD agree that it’s better than nothing at all being posted there.

I didn’t have any say in my artcile getting “stickied” as it were, but maybe keits wanted the discussion to go on more than 8 hours.

It did it up getting 350 comments, though, so if you’re going for pageviews…


My only real issue is the excessive postings of random combo videos ( that oftentimes aren’t even very good or effective or flashy ) and the like. It’d be nice if such postings were done less frequently ( more ‘roundup’ style posts and more scrutiny over what gets included ).

I honestly don’t get the crying over editorials though. A few months ago when SRK was nothing but random bits of news or videos people were complaining about the exact opposite. I think the opinion pieces are rather nice ( though they could stand for a bit more editing ).


I don’t enjoy reading the opinion pieces that reads like long ranting forum posts, other than that it’s ok I guess.
I prefer iPlaywinner for fighting news tho.


I’ve said once, I’ll say it again: Get rid of the front page entirely. Since that won’t ever happen: if you won’t get rid of the front page, find new writers.

Other than the complaint about 1-2 sentence paragraphs - which are entirely valid for use in written English - I agree with Pertho. One paragraph for each point you’re trying to make, or something like that.

The reason there is so much crying over the editorials is that they are coming from people whose opinions just do not matter - they start with good intentions but turn into the same scrubby arguments put forward by common posters. As far as I’m concerned, NOBODY’S opinion on fighting games matters unless they are a known, respected player. They don’t have to be “top” players, because face it, many top players can’t actually communicate their thoughts in word or speech; J.Wong or Marn being prime cases in point.

Fuck editorials. Fuck combo videos. I want NEWS. If there is no news to be found, then the front page can wait until there is news.


Just an FYI, Renegade thinks 1 button spd’s are a good idea.


I actually liked Renegade’s article. What I didn’t like was anything he posted after that, with particular emphasis on “Player X agrees with me so I’ll namedrop them for credibility and fuck you for disagreeing.” The game is still brand-fucking new. You’re essentially tiering Wesker after 1 month of play. Tier lists that come out in the first month are always good, amirite guys?


I agree with this. Mid level/good players don’t want to see every average combo video that comes out, and we certainly don’t want “online sf4 players pulling off bread and butters #32423

We deserve at least part of one website. I know new players are important, but they also have the entirety of every other video game publications.


And Duck Strong always likes to troll me.

That was an example I gave in the argument “artificial execution barriers as a barrier to entry to the metagame are a bad thing” … Which apparently the fighting game designers seem to agree with these days (fortunately or unfortunately)

Obviously the front page isn’t going back to the days where it was just news whenever that came out and nothing else, so why ask for that?

As far as you point about “only known, respected players need to write opinions”, look at professional football. Most sportswriters are journalism people, not football players. Peter King and Gregg Easterbrook being prime examples. TV talking heads are divided up fairly evenly between ex players and actual media types. The growing trend of “adding as many people as possible” to the analyst team is skewing it towards football people, but a lot of seats are going to actual COACHES, not players. People who can actually talk about the game.

In retrospect, I didn’t think “name dropping” would be taken so negatively. There were top players I discussed w/ prior to the article being released, and afterwards. Some prominent ones agreed w/ my view, and I felt it would help the “who is this guy? why does he matter?” type of thoughts.

Guess I just gotta earn my props.

Btw, I never said “fuck you” to anyone. Can I dismiss and trash people’s arguements? sure. Will I personally attack them? No.

The only “tiering” I did of Wesker in the entire article was: “Definitely not OP” “Definitely not #1” and “too soon to tell, but most likely in top tier”

As for one month tier lists: here was mine


Not bad.

Swap Wolvi and Ammy.
Swap Dorm w/ Sent
Waaay too harsh on month 1 C.Viper.
Chun and Morrigan down a tier.

That’s about it.


So, what would make a great front-page article these days? I’m curious what everyone here wants.

What if there was an article about using social media to enhance fighting game strategy? Would that be something everyone here would like to read?


[]A consolidated video article for combos and stuff - no need to flood the front page with random combo videos;
]No more editor’s opinions present on said articles. I’m only interested on the news, not on what YOU think about x, y or z;
[*]A little organization: why post two SFxT gem-related stuff, when you can wait a little longer, to post both info into one article?
This is just the bare minimum.


Just as an example of what we are talking about; iantothemax just posted an article about the Showmatches on the front page, when there is already an article about them posted, and that article is posted on the header. Content aside, it just becomes spam at a certain point.


Can we report the authors or the frontpage itself for spam? Please?


2 articles containing Desk videos from AE 2012 3 minutes apart

I like his vids as much as the next guy but c’mon.