A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks


just one thing dubsteppinvdubs/hetacomcansuckmy****/sfxtekken/??? whatever he is now should get some sorta banned yo, we need a different forum thingy


You’d think an IP Ban or something would kick in eventually :rolleyes:


At this point I think the front page has cemented a foundation for how it wants to do things, and really there’s little any of can do about it. That’s fine. No one is looking to start a revolution here, this is apparent on both sides. If the current ‘format’ is what is keeping the forum how it is, premium at its current price point, and so on then thanks in advance.

The only problem here is that the front page of SRK still lacks a voice. I’m glad there’s more than a handful of people helping Keits now, but they all seem to have little to no connection with each other, which I find to be a little odd. Does the crew get together on a weekly basis to discuss the next week’s plan for release? Hell, do you guys get together to communicate at all, or are you all delegated to a certain task for the front page and little more? I mean as much as I can say I didn’t like how Keits did a few things previously I at least felt he represented something.

Is the front page of SRK about the product being played by the community, a product of the community, or just a blog roll of toilet paper at this point? I hate to bring it up but Eventhubs and Iplaywinner have a clear stand on who and what they do. Eventhubs IS solely Capcom centric news. Their guides come from the community and they even reward their community for doing so. Iplaywinner is a classy little melting pot, where you can get Capcom news, but still get information on everything else being played out there, Mortal Kombat, Blazblue, whatever. You’ll get lengthy editorials every so often that really bring about some great discussion from their fans and other members of the community.

What do I come to the front page of SRK for? What do you guys actually represent? Do I just tag along with the guy who was assigned to get stories for games that aren’t UMVC3 / SFAE 21012? Why were Keits and Ski actively visiting tournaments and interviewing people, but now with help 4 times that we don’t get it anymore? What happened to your psychology of fighting games RPG? Dev, start pumping out more stick related stuff. Hell, I don’t even know what the other members are your staff do at this point.

I’m sorry but the actual disconnect from your forums is a bad thing because your forums is what makes Shoryuken.com, well, Shoryuken.com. The fact that both cater to different audiences entertains the notion that you don’t really care who you’re talking to, or perhaps who is listening. If you’re going to do what your ‘fans / audience’ wants you effectively lose your identity. Instead of ‘oh we get hits for x type of article, let’s give them more of x’ it should be ‘more people like what we’re doing and how we’re doing our thing, let’s keep at it!’

That’s just me. I’m not going to wax poetic and start pounding tables and slamming doors in hopes that you start paying attention to the hardcore crowd, or any of that nonsense. There’s trickles of that happening on the front page, and perhaps in time there will be more. Just please, please get yourselves a voice to speak with instead of just randomly blurting out to whoever happens to be listening.


I used to have a voice, then Ursula told me I had to give it up if I wanted to walk on land.


Cut the smarmy attitude and try giving some thought to what I wrote, unless you’re fine being looked as a glorified digital groundskeeper.


I’ve got an article that’s designed to help first time modders one cue. Other than that, I’ve been mostly working with the Singapore and Philippine Marvel communities, working on a nice two-parter on them.

I’d work with the Tech Talk boys on more stuff, but we’re currently busy working on Sticks forJoy’s plans for the coming year.


That is, unless, you have put it on the cue ball and are about to smash it with your mighty pool stick of mod powers. Jokes aside, FINISH THAT DAMN ARTICLE ON THE GOD DAMN SINGAPORIAN AND PHILLIPINO COMMUNITIES YOU PINOY WONDERSCRUB! :annoy:

I’ve been eagerly awaiting now for 3 weeks on that shit.


They’re actually done. Just waiting for the EIC approval and maybe some extra videos. Alot of the old Philippine stuff is on celfones and videocams. Been trying to find the Clockw0rk vs Dan matches from Club Synergy.




Nice, the stick article sounds like a hit and the Marvel two parter seems pretty cool.

I hope we get more looks into the community from the rest of the staff too, if just to inject some actual personality into the people helping you.



It’s been said a thousand times already, but the #1 thing that the front page needs is a reduction in the “here’s a random combo/tutorial video” posts. Condense the videos down to daily roundups like there used to be, and reduce the spam. Even if nothing else changed, that would significantly improve the usability of the front page.


Editor in Chief, aka keits.


It’s the internet, all I can do is create a conversation and take part in it.


Lol blast from the past.


This was the best post ever


Keits never did run the Pinoy Marvel article.


He did but he didnt help you out with it as I thought he should’ve. He ran the version you showed me iirc.


The Ph article came out? All I ever saw was the Singapore one.