A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks


Definitely political as to why some FG related stuff that’s clearly more entertaining and relevant than the drivel you see on the front page doesn’t make it there.

Pertho, good read. <3.


I will say this: I actually found the article on the psychology behind fighting games pretty valuable in approaching some things (clustering) and I’m looking forward to the followup (s). On the other hand…That one Megaman article was garbage and more than a little irritating.

For me, the front page is usually hit or miss, but I check it out anyway and roll with the hits. But that Megaman article…pew! Attacking the fanbase is somewhere you want to tread lightly with. Seth’s Domination articles are an example how to call out fan behavior properly.


LOL! If it makes you feel any better, I took the time to go and read the whole thing.

I had a good feeling what you were going on about, which is half of the reason I didn’t read it. However, I would feel remiss if I didn’t point out the irony that you wrote a post about how bad and hard it is to digest the front page of SRK by writing a post that is long enough to be hard to digest itself. I don’t mean any disrespect by that, but it is at least a little bit amusing. I’m hoping in hindsight you’ll agree. After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, well…there’s always dead baby jokes :wink:

Thanks! <3

You’re missing a “bazinga!” That’s clearly false.


If I recall the writing position for srk was advertised as a paid position, how they are paid I do not know, but I do remember reading that. That said, just makes the quality and the management of the front page even more unacceptable.


They also wanted examples of your writing when you applied so it’s even more puzzling.

There’s only been 2 good post IMO, the Psychology article and the article about current footage of old games. The balance article was okay because it’s the cold hard truth.

The Dreamhack whining, the “why aren’t there half assed custom weapons in SCV like in SCIII” article and the “fightan games sexualize women and I’m ignoring them sexualizing men” article were absolute shit and makes me wonder if you’re purposely trying to generate hate.


Who is “us”?
They write for a larger group of readers to generate views and make dat $$$
If a stupid article generates views for being stupid, it’s still a success.
Such is fate of the videogame news racket.


if srk pays its writes to write crap that gets readers in then nothing can be expected to change
i mean the opinionated writing style for example clearly attracts arguments so theyre included just to have another random rant in the comments

d3v however needs to be cut asap


Well you couldn’t be assed to read the first post so I’m not really surprised you think CC is good.



When I first applied for the position I was sad I had missed the cut off. Now that I look back on it, I don’t think I could handle the hate and the pressure.


Except you write competently.

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Bring back Keits!



As terrible as all the articles are, the d3v ones are the worse. Makes me wanna do the usal SRK action of pushing women down stairs.


It’s largely possible Keits, as the “Editor-in-chief” of Shoryuken.com, is responsible for this mess.

Edit: I’m not against a the actual new people being responsible for posting news and editorials, but he is ultimately responsible for the content. If the quality of the site goes down in response to direct moneygrabbing blog stuff, then he’s probably responsible (that, or wiz dictating it downward or something). I kind of like some of the dudes posting (Drexcyian or w/e and that joystick article guy both provide really good original content imo).


That said, maybe this will get more people so who knows. The only problem I have with it is if you grow the community in the wrong ways, you are probably going to permanently alter it in the long run, and you ahve to be careful about that. There might be good ways to make the site money without taking d3vs retarded capcom-unity forum rage out on your userbase.

Edit: That’s literally what he made an article about, a direct response to him getting mad at a large portion of capcom’s fanbase posting about how one of the most important and popular characters the company owns is not in the game and telling them to shut up even though it’s very obvious he’s not in the game for political reasons and not for an actual good one lol


what article is that?


What “political” reasons?


People writing for a website dedicated to a competitive fighting game community should be writing for that competitive audience. I thought I’d made it clear in the article but, through sloppy editing on my end, I forgot that the “us” at the end could have been misconstrued to mean people other than those who frequent this website the most. Wait a minute…

But touche. I’ll leave it as is for now since a lot of people have liked the original as is. I’m not going to edit it because I would consider it unethical in some sort of internet fashion. But I guess I’ll make sure to make things more obvious for our slower readers.


Most of the complaints were legitimate OP. All of your harsh and graphic metaphors were unnecessary and made you sound like an adolescent though.