A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks


I know. :wink:


I really don’t like that combos videos(I don’t think these are even article worthy, even the video roundups that get posted way too often) and opinion pieces bump down actual news.


I wanna see all the video articles consolidated into one organized post each day. Organize it by genre, like episodes (Assist Me, Why We Hate You, etc.), tournament vids, in-depth tutorials, combo vids and comedy. Then organize it within those genres by game, such as SF4, MvC3, KOFXIII, etc.

The only time we should be seeing a vid take up its own article is if it’s something huge, like a new character getting revealed for some game or something… in which case it’s not really the video that is the news, it’s the new reveal that is the news.

I honestly don’t hate EVERY article on the front page, I just feel like they are mostly wasted potential because they didn’t spend nearly enough time in the cooker. For example, that article on controllers - how the hell you going to talk about PS3/360 stock controllers and NOT get an interview with Fanatiq, Wolfkrone and other pad players? If they had small interviews with players who represented that style of controller with their opinions on using it, the learning curve, tips & tricks, etc., the article would have been much better.

I think the most important thing to remember, though, is that this site is for those who are competitive, and those who want to become competitive. As long as each article is made with that in mind, I think we’ll all be in better shape.


Why would an article directed at new players who are confused as to what to use to play these games need interviews?


Most of the “community” right now are not competitive players, but casual viewers, in case you haven’t noticed.
The front page (a news outlet) is mostly for them, not for you nor me, as news is the lowest form of content and easiest to produce.


Getting info from proven players who rely on those controllers for making money would be more helpful to new players than a list of pros and cons. They can tell you more about a controller and what is (and isn’t) possible with it than anyone else.

And honestly, I was looking into the article because I am planning to make the switch from pad to stick because of KOFXIII’s strict direction inputs. If the article could have given me some info that either convinced me to stick with a pad, or info to make the transition from pad to stick easier, then it would have been a lot more helpful.


I hope it’s just a form of expression and you don’t really think making money makes your view more valid…


Uh, it certainly helps a lot.


Yeah, it’s a form of expression. I guess I should have said something different, but you know - they use them in high-stress environments. It’s not like they’re just dicking around with friends or something.


bc then you can have opinions on the interviews and videos inserted of them playing so we can shove as much info down their throat as possible, because that is what makes things gooder


I really hope the OP never becomes a front page writer. Most of the articles are better written than that.



Ok then.


I’d apply for front page writer only if Keits let me do every article in Hulk speak.



That would actually be an improvement in most cases now. lol


I would definitely read that.


No, it seriously does. If you really think that a person who makes money does have a more weighted opinion when it comes to e-sports hardware (excluding direct sponsor bias) then you are a fucking idiot.

Like, if SOME DUDE vs A PRO told me something about monitor response time for pro FPS play, who do you think is going to, by chance, have a more educated opinion here? Same applies to controllers.


Fresh Lettuce?

Are we fucking serious? Stop making accounts plz.

Also are we gonna make a thread complaining about the front page every week?

This is a site for video games played mostly by teens and young “adults”, I wouldn’t expect anything deep and life altering to come from it if I were ya’ll.


This is the only account I’ve had here?


No, there’s a difference between a ‘good player’ and a ‘pro’.
A pro can be worse than “just a good player” but he plays the “right” game at the “right” place. (Which has nothing to do with the quality of his view.)
Ogawa doesn’t get paid for playing (he’s not a “pro”) but ‘Noah the prodigy’ is sponsored. So fucking what? If I could choose to take advice about fighting games from either one I’d pick Ogawa.


I was afraid of that too, until I saw how people are desperately looking for good content. I’m going to apply next time. I won’t be the writer SRK deserves…

I’ll be the one it needs.