A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks


I’m not usually one to say this, but ^

It certainly was a funny read (though low-brow, but hey, it doesn’t hurt sometimes. Still, it’s too easy to be angry on the Internet), and it makes strong points. Written like that, though, Keits and Co. are never going to take the post seriously. Maybe make an edited, reasoned, straightforward draft and work from there to make an appeal to the front page. Really, it’s the only way things are going to change.


Seriously, you only have to use goggle for like 3 minutes to find Tron and Zero are Inafune’s own creations and his favorite 2 MM characters while Megaman and Megaman X he did not create.


I scanned through your post in a few minutes and found plenty of traces of bad editing. No thanks.


One too many imo.

SRK Lounge "There's a naked man in my room" edition

Really Pertho?
I do believe i have a new hero on these here boards.


I’m getting a guest editorial tonight, I’m hoping it ranks somewhere above utter putridity.

It’s a near 3000 word editorial/commentary/theory fighter on everyone’s new favorite trench coat.

I wrote it in a addarrall fueled “focus too intently on the wrong thing” haze when I should been working on my thesis.

There is some incorrect comma usage, conversational style sentences, and much too much outline format.


If you didn’t write it in Hulk speak then I’m not reading that shit. I’m going to make a new thread in General Discussion bitching about how useless it is instead. Please note that I will not read your article before making the thread. That won’t stop me from making a bitch bitch bitch post that’s longer and probably not as well written (in Hulk speak). Bet I get at least 11 likes though.


OMG thisX1000



The UMvC3 stuff almost certainly gets the most traffic, and (total guess here) I’m not sure if maybe the writers get paid more for making a bunch of smaller posts rather than a roundup.

Also didn’t Ogawa just get sponsored by eLive or someone? Besides, I think Fresh Lettuce just used “pro” as a synonym for “top player”.


Yo, all umvc3 combos look the same to me.

PS. I don’t play that shit.


Aww man, that post is awfully angry. If any of if I was an editor for SRK and read that, I would be sooooooooooo sad.


None of what you said was true at all.


Megaman games sale an average of 233,333 per title.

Megaman doesn’t even make the top 20 individual title sales.

Megaman is not as popular as Capcom fans like to pretend. If you took these numbers outside of Capcom and looked at the whole gaming industry, Megaman would look like a worse company mascot than any of Sony’s wannabe mascots.


If you like Mega Man, you like sucking dick.


I don’t understand any of the complaints except for the one mentioning too many combo videos and maybe one article that I read of d3v’s. The articles I chose to read were thought out and written well. So I say keep on moving don’t stop now.


Maybe they can design the front page different, so there is like a side panel for latest combo videos or something, so that they can still be highlighted, but keep the main front page for news and articles?


Having multiple sections for news, combo videos, tourneys, etc would be much better and much more organized than just cramming everything into one page. Right now the front page is literally just a clone of eventhubs which is ass backwards because eventhubs used to be the shit version of SRK.


I think a little more consolidation and quality control would be a great idea; I check SRK pretty much every day, and I didn’t see the competitive gaming article because it was washed away in a sea of Marvel 3 combo videos. I don’t really like what is happening with the front page right now, tbh, but I guess this is what the leaders of this site want; all that I would ask is a little more care goes into editing and organizing the front page contributions, because right now there is just no separating the wheat from the chaff.


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be sure to skip it ;).


Don’t know what all the complaining is about.

I for one simply could not do without my daily dose of 12 articles that basically just link to random 2 minute YouTube videos of random players doing random combos with random characters in random games regardless of the quality, practicality, or relevance.


Who the fuck uses semicolons? Go on CNN.com and try to find me an article which uses a semicolon.