A Litany of Hate: The Front Page Sucks


It’s kind of hilarious that that’s a complaint.


Yeah, the “must be able to write more than three consecutive sentences without bringing up erections, abortions, or masturbation” requirement would be a challenge I reckon.

I echo the thoughts above that there is a good point hidden somewhere in your post, but you have done your message no favors with your presentation of it. Further, as Tataki pointed out, no matter how much you wish this site was dedicated to the most hardcore of the hardcore, it really isn’t. Directly from the SRK facebook page.

Shoryuken.com is the largest fighting game community site on the web, and is the most authoritative voice for everything Street Fighter.

From the most current fighting game news, to forums, podcasts, product reviews, and more - Shoryuken.com is the complete site for fighting game players and enthusiasts.

Fighting game players is a pretty generous categorization. Maybe the whole source of your consternation (semicolons aside) is that you don’t understand who the site is for.


I use them, but I’m an English major; you obviously are not


I’m sorry, but you didn’t end your sentence with a period.




Hopefully in time we’ll get actual personality on the front page, because as it is now (and I hate to say this because I know Adam) but it’s like someone cloned Keits six times and put them to work on the front page instead.

Ah well~


some1 needs to be fired…

headdesk >o<


I agree

If you look at sports news websites, They have main stories on the front page and sidebars full of different stories pertaining to different sports leagues.

You have front page with big news: IE, new characters / games / tournament results, and then on the sidebars, plenty of links for ppl interested in those games to look at. Otherwise the front page is redundant. The info is replaced too quickly and it’s messy.

Also… i could really go without the articles about objectifying women and why “BALANCE DOESN’T MATTER”… i mean come on, really


The correct punctuation you are looking for is “did not” instead of “didn’t”.


That “balance doesn’t matter” article is extremely useful for semi-competitive players looking to improve.


I like where it says since you probably suck so your character choice doesn’t matter.

I also liked where it talked about how you don’t have to pick bad characters without addressing the fact that if a game is being updated over and over that characters who aren’t viable should be given the tools to be viable instead of being ignored.


no, that balance doesn’t matter article really isn’t useful, ESPECIALLY if you want to improve

want to know why? Balance does matter


Guess what? For 99% of us, it’s true. Complaining about matchups (more than just being salty) when there are things you can do to improve is ridiculous.

I don’t make the games, I just play them. I’m pretty sure this argument is a futile one on a website about competitive fighting games. Character gets buffed? Consider picking him up. Character gets nerfed? Weigh your experience with the character against the metagame and other factors to see if you should drop him. Or quit playing the game until a new patch or version comes out. These are the only arguments that matter from a competitive standpoint; the ones that answer “what can I do to win more?” Convincing me that your character is underpowered does NOTHING to change it.

If you blame your losses on the game you won’t improve. This new hand-holding generation of “make my character better so I can win more” is disgusting. If there’s a better character then play that character, quit playing, or quit bitching.

No shit balance matters but you can’t do anything to change it and perfectly balanced games are not fun at all.


Who said ‘make my character so I can win more’?

How about ‘make characters that don’t suck or don’t make retarded changes to characters who were already good to begin with’?


I’m not saying that isn’t true, most of the community is bad at these games, however these are the people who are going to be buying these games going forward. You have to give your customers what they want. If the character they like sucks at all levels of play why should they give you their money?

It’s hard to pick up a character and learn them completely when the game is being patched so regularly. It takes a long time to switch and learn another character at the same level as your current character.

If everyone drops a character then they never get developed and we honestly won’t know how good they are. Speaking from the perspective of a player who plays a character who other people think is garbage tier after his AE nerfs, I know that it isn’t the case. I’ve done what I can do to develop this character to the extent that I have, and if I had dropped him after the announced nerfs last year he’d be considered garbage tier even by me.

Do you really think Joz or myself has that mentality? When the developer is patching the game and there are legitimate gripes to be made you make them.

What games are perfectly balanced and also not objectively bad games? None. Anyways people don’t want perfect balance. People were fine with the balance in SSFIV for instance and they are fine with the balance in a lot of older games. People would settle down with balance discussion if the game was no longer being updated, but it is, so it’s easy to see why the topic is at the forefront of people’s minds.


used to have its newest videos on a sidebar for the site. Now it doesn’t. Hell if I know why.


That shit was godlike, I miss that.


At least eventhubs has useful information sometimes.


Yeah tbh I check eventhubs to find results for majors, which is 1 more reason I have to check eventhubs front page over SRK’s front page, which I currently have no reason to read. In fact a lot of the time I can’t find tournament results on SRK at all anymore. It doesn’t seem like people update results threads with any consistency anymore.


Eventhubs is a lot easier and faster to read and to comment, plus they get all their shit first. I check eventhubs for any news, but srk has the best forums.