A litlle tech issue in SF4 PC

Hello everyone! Now I’ll get straight to the problem. I got myself a 24 inch monitor a couple of days ago and what’s strange, there’s no fullHD resolution in the options (1920x1280 I think) does someone had a simillar problem? Maybe someone knows how to fix this? Please help (:

What you have in the options menu is the maximum resolution that the game supports. So you’ll have to find a compromise :smile:

Damn that’s real strange oO I mean even games of 2-3 years old supported high resilutions and sf isn’t? Lol thats dissapointing…

I’m not 100% sure - I could be wrong. Maybe somebody can say for sure.

Update your graphic card drivers, that usually helps.

Nope, graphic drivers update didn’t change a thing :smiley: