A little advice with replacement stick suggestion for HRAP V & suppliers


Hi everyone, I have a Hori RAP V Kai on it’s way to me & looking to upgrade the Hayabusa stuff with Sanwa buttons. Thing is, I’m not sure which stick to go with plus I also have a few other questions.

I’ve always liked the Sanwa JLF sticks and have them in my arcade cabinet, but lately I’ve found them a bit loose so was considering other options. I guess one option is to get the 2lb spring, but then there are also the Seimitsu joysticks.

TBH, I’ve looked over the Seimitsu joysticks & they confuse me because there are so many different models & each are slightly different (from what I can tell).

Can someone suggest a Seimitsu stick that would suit me? I will be playing 3D fighters mainly with a little Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat here & there. I probably won’t be using the stick for shmups at all.

Will the Sanwa ball tops fit the Seimitsu sticks? I want the stick to match the buttons.

If I went with the JLF (& spring) will the S plate work with the HRAP V or is it better to use a flat plate?

Next onto suppliers. We don’t have much of a choice here in Australia so I’ll have to source these parts from overseas. Unless someone can suggest a place, I’ve narrowed it down to either Akihabarashop or Focusattack. I’ve looked at Arcadeshock, but they want nearly $30 just for shipping!

Has Akihabarashop improved at all of late? Last order I made a couple of years ago (when I built my cabinet) took nearly two weeks to ship!

I’m just waiting on Focusattack to sort their shit out as stock levels are all over the place atm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


I personally feel that the whole “X brand for fighters, Y brand for shooters, Z brand for whatever/etc” notion is HIGHLY overrated and blown out of proportion.
I only play 2D fighters, and I swear by the Seimitsu LS-40 (used a JLF for years, and it’s a floppy mess to me), so take that as you will.
I feel you can’t go wrong with an LS-32 or LS-40. The LS-32 is a little bit more common in the industry, but I personally feel that the LS-40 is like… the “LS-32 Perfect Edition”.

Yes, they all use the same threading.

If you’re using a JLF on an HRAP V, you’ll want the flat plate. The S-plate would raise the stick too high.
If you’re going for a Seimitsu LS-32 or LS-40, you’ll need the Seimitsu SS Plate, though.


Thanks man for your help. What about the LS-62, have you had any experience with that stick?