A little confused

Where is Third Strike? Is it being released at a certain time or something, or has the release date been pushed back? Been looking for it on PSN all morn’! Sorry if this is a stupid question, I couldn’t find any information in any threads.

the psn store doesn’t update until 5:00-6:00 PM EST Usually sometimes sooner sometimes much later

okay thanks for the info, i appreciate it

PSN updates 6pm Wednesday unfortunately. Us PS3 users have been fucked by Capcom. Why say it’s released on the 22nd when we clearly can’t get it till tomorrow?

really? that’s weird.

yes we all must wait :’(.

Are you sure about that? the release date is today, and its the 23rd today.

it comes out on the 24th for xbox 360, and the 23rd for ps3… its not capcom… its sony heh. they update their psn store in the afternoons usually ive read.

What’s weird is that generally X-Box gets stuff a day or so before PSN. New shit almost always comes Tuesday morning on 360, but not for this one time where I’m actually anticipating something haha

PSN updates their store on Tuesdays, not Wednesdays…

i read that psn gets it tomorow and xbox gets it today

its actually the other way around…at least in the us it is

Very true
But 3s is a arcade game and they get updated on Wednesdays not Tuesdays :frowning:


still clueless.

US will have it this evening. The store updates tonight! Europe 2moro

hah I never noticed that about Arcade games, but now that I think about it, you’re totally right.