A little discovery (mk.tatsumaki juggle)

dunno if it’s already common knowledge, but some weeks ago I was messing with the mk.tatsu => mp.srk / hk.tatsu juggle and I found something interesting.

beside the fact that vs some character seems harder (or impossible?), I found that vs Necro and Chun you can connect HP.srk instead of mp, and it’s WAY easier (stun and damage are pretty much the same btw).

I think this can be pretty useful against Chun when you connect a low parry and you are close enough: way better damage & stun than simply doing c.mk xx hk.tatsu and don’t need the SA for the big damage.

dunno if works on other characters too, I tested against those two cause I happen to fight them pretty often :wink:

yes this was mentioned a few days ago. works also on alex, Q, makoto

Slightly different - I’ve seen that whenever Match air juggles someone for two hits with the ground HK hurricane, he dashes up and does fierce srk. I’ve seen him do this to Q and Yun. I rarely encounter this scenario and usually just go for a jump forward RH.

mmh interesting. not a common scenario, yeah, but I sometimes hit them whit one or two hit of HK tatsu in corner (especially cancelling into it from a far s.MP, since it push gouki and the opponent pretty far away from each other). usually I reset them with a random poke :stuck_out_tongue: have to work on this thing…

Actually, the mk hurricane to the mp shoryu / hk hurricane connect works on everyone except Oro and Ibuki. The hp shoryu connects from the mk hurricane on Q, makoto, Necro, Elena and Chun-Li.

If you guys wanna know something new that not many people know: On certain characters you can do lk hurricane, JAB, hp shoryu… it’s pretty difficult timing and it doesn’t do much more damage, but it’s pretty good for stun in certain situations. Makes for a five hit combo (or six if you start off with hp, cr.mk, mk, mp, cr.mp, etc.). I will post a video of this if anyone wants to see it.

I’d like to see a vid showing the mk hurricane links being done to Dudley and Hugo

Still having tons of trouble linking it on the twins

I knew about the jab then fierce srk juggle, but considering that it gives 1 point of extra damage for a combo that can sometimes go wrong (the srk wont connect if it isnt done quick enough leaving you WAAAAY open), I ditched it in favour of jab HK hurricane.

Yeah, I knew about the lk.tatsu, jab x hp.srk juggle. I think it’s not really about how quickly you cancel the jab, but about the height you them with… you have to wait a moment so the the jab hits them when they’re almost on the ground. still not worth the risk tough.

btw, if you try to juggle with jab x mp.srk, it’s WAY easier. I think that’s because mp.srk reach them faster at that height… this also eplains why the mk.tatsu on most character can be followed only by mp.srk and not hp.

Yeah thats all frame data.

Mio - any chance you could do that vid for me :bgrin:

Yes, I will make this video soon. I don’t have any direct t.v. recording stuff so it will be on my video camera.

News: The hk hurricane and mp shoryu does NOT work on Dudley. I just forgot. It DOES work on Hugo though.

HK hurricane / dash /HP SRK also works on Urien:

I am pretty sure the mp srk can hit easier after the jab is because it has a larger hitbox than the hp so even tho they have fallen a little bit it is still in the range for the mp srk to hit. this was in another thread, but the fp srk starts up faster, but has a smaller area to hit them. there is no real point in using the jab mp anyway unless your fierce isn’t working or you want to show off.

yeah yeah, I was just wondering about the reasons for which mp.srk hits after mk.tatsu while hp.srk doesn’t (if not on few “fat” characters :rofl: )

btw thank you for your explaination :wink:

quick stupid question: has anyone experienced problem connecting all 3 hits of hp.srk against Hugo? I mean after launching him with Gouki’s b’n’b. I get only 2 hits most of the times…

np I used to think the same thing you did.

I have a huge problem only getting two hits with fierce srk on every character. It really just has to do with executing the srk too soon, because they aren’t low enough to get hit with the first hit. Just make sure you don’t wait too long, because the difference is very small.

Newbie question: What do you call “Gouki’s b’n’b” ?

Gouki’s b’n’b is his standard non-SA combo:

cMK / sHP x lk.tatsu (juggle) hp.srk

this is what happen to me usually

doing it too early vs most charas = 2 hits only
waiting a bit = full 3 hits :lovin:

doing it early vs Hugo = 2 hits only
waiting a bit (same timing I use vs other charas) = srk missing completely, me eating a 360 for free :wasted: