A little help creating my own stick art

I’m going to be designing a stick based roughly off of Byrdo’s small sanwa case. I plan on creating my own art for the stick with the minimal photoshop experience I currently possess.
Just a few quick questions that I couldn’t find answer to by trolling and using the search function/google.

Okay, first off, I have absolutely no idea what resolution to start it off at to minimize warping/pixelation to print fully on 1 standard sheet of paper. I imagine that after I have finished the image, I would need to rotate it 90 degrees to get it to print long ways?

Also, would it be easier to add the template on top of the finished product to get an overall feel of how the artwork/parts will mesh, or should I add the template first and work around it?

I noticed most of the templates I have found for sanwa layouts are generally low resolution. Will there be an issue adding them to a set resolution image without having to worry about them printing out at incorrect positions/sizes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

The default 72 will not be enough do it in 300 px/inch or as near that as possible.

Templates just blow them up to 300px/inch then work off that. When you do your design allow your design to bleed over the paramater of the template, this way you can trim off any excess (ie if your template is 21cm by 15cm then your design should be 22cm by 16cm just dont put anything important like signature near this edge).

Thank you for the reply.


That is the template I planned on using. The image I uploaded has been slightly edited to get rid of the measurement lines, and blown up to the suggested 300 inch/px.

Am I on the right track? Honestly, the template itself looks a little large, as in, there is not much space to add artwork. In my head, I imagine the template itself printing out to be far larger than it really should be.

300px/inch insures that the image will be crisp and not blurry when printed out. As long as you havent moved spaces for buttons you are on the right track. Do a test print if you are unsure

Hmm, I just finished a few test prints and they are definitely printing out too large. I tried 3 different fit settings in the print setup and they all turned out too large. I even went as far as measuring the holes, and they are well above the 30mm.

I’ll have to figure something out. Any suggestions/recommendations on Japanese layouts?


That’s all I have so far, but still won’t print out to scale. I don’t really want to go any further until some genius tells me what to do. lol

Should this be solved through Tech Talk?

did u print it with the template on the stick art?

lol ur not suppose to do that

Yes, I did actually … lol
Just as test prints. I’m going to have the final product done professionally. Is there any particular reason why I shouldn’t do this? Seems like it would be much easier to make sure my art is developed around the holes.

I came across a different template, and it actually printed to scale. So, I guess I’m good from here out. Still a little confused about the whole process, but I suppose I managed.