A little help for an avrage/beginner player


Hey guys, this is my first time posting on SRK because I don’t think people can help with my problems on Ultra, but I’m here to try! I have trouble picking my chars because of how I play. I have a very weird playstyle. My style revolves around taking guesses and countering the other player methods. Let’s say if I know that this player likes to jump,srk,or spam projectiles to kill me. What I was planning to do against this guy would be changed to a certain degree and my mind says to try to react to what they’re doing in an instant. Making this transition is very hard cause I have below average execution to block, jump, or counter in crucial moment that might decide if I get to live another round. I’m currently working on these skills but nothing seems to be working. So, I was thinking maybe my chars don’t have what I need to transition from method to method. Like if a chars Anti-Airs depend on position rather than timing, I will most certainly get punished for it, and since I’m not that good at Anti-Airing yet, that leads to my death. Are there any chars that have the things to suit what I need above, and do you have tips for me to improve?


The problem is that there isn’t a character made for taking guesses. One of the most important things in any game is forcing the opponent guess and if they guess wrong punish them for the wrong guess. If your play style is built around you making the guess you hand control of the match to the other player. WHat you are doing is trying to employ a “bait and punish” strategy but without the baiting! Don’t try to reinvent the wheel just yet. Work on getting your basics down before playing random


First off it would help if you told us which character you’re playing, how long you’re playing the game already, how much time you spend in practice mode opposed to playing online and how you’re doing online so far in terms of win % and pp/bp.

I find your description very vague.


You may like counter poking characters like Dudley and Makoto, though really any character can do counter poking. I’d start with M. Bison, because he is fairly simple to use, and go from there once you get comfortable with the game.