A little help from my friends! (wall of text )

trying not to bother u too much i’ve put a couple of spoiler to let you understand my situation without reading a full wall of text ;), Let’s Start

Hi all, I’m trying to learn akuma
I can only rely on ONLINE MODE and I don’t care about my PP and BP, I have to learn Akuma using Training Room and Online mode

But I need your help during my training: I’m asking u to think about when u started, to think about which things u constantly repeat to urself while playing … to some limitation you imposed to yourself in order to vary your game, how did you set the dummy to train reactivity to air attack or how did u learn the common habit or loop of ppl u fought against. or to tell me about the day u’ve realized that ur approach is wrong and u stop focus your attention on combo or timing and started watching opponents habits or so on… nothing technical… i can read data on other topics… i just want to hear your story, your tips and your experience cos it’s the one it helps me the most!

Here’s mine:

From the begging till nowadays:

[details=Spoiler] I started with FEI on 2009 and i was a complete noob of SF series.
I fell in love with this game and I started to study everything about it.
I’ve learned the lingo and read almost everything about gameplay frame data footsies guide
specific matchup while i was playing Fei first and Ibuki and Cody after.
I play focused and only with the aim of become a better player. I’m not following easy patterns or chasing ppl weaker than me with the aim of making points. I don’t care :slight_smile:
I constantly watch my replays and the match of the pro players from EVO and other tournaments

at June 2011 i’ve choose akuma as my new main and fell in love with him!!
after a couple of month i’m able to perform consistently the BnB combos and hit confirm and some FADAC tricks Atm i’m working on “resets” and pressure and vortex [/details]

The disclaimer :wink: :


I have no friends who play SF and no one can give me tips. I’m on my own and I know that I need months to start winning with the one I think they play worse than me and years to win against ppl of my level and I’m not scared about that. for that reason I’m here asking :wink: I follow this forum since 2009 so please be patient with me and answer cos i’ve searched every single post and if i’m asking is cos i think i didn’t foud the right answer to my questions yet

my playing style (aka bad habits):


I’ve realized I play a little bit too predictable. and i often take big risk that usually gives to my foe the opportunity to punish me hard, i don’t play AA effectively and my fireball zoning has still some problem :slight_smile:

my workout (aka how i’m trying to solve my problems) :

[details=Spoiler] Every day I play a 15min session on Training mode to train my muscle memory doing BnB and Combos And FADAC

And then i play let’s say 10 match online where i try to win but most of all i try to learn from my mistake and I impose to myself some “RULES” like:

I have to use low and medium attack until I had the opportunity for a big punish where i can use High punch and roundouse (in order not to open up my guard to my foe)

I have to attempt only 1 SRK per round point blank. other can be used only as AA and as a combo finisher. (or 1 full screen demon flip attack or something similar)

I have to rush him down to test his pressure reaction and if he resist i have to backup to some sort of “safe game” [/details]

tnx in advance ;D

Alright I’ll give this a go.

First and most important of all.
Is there no one near you playing? Not even in your area?
Here in Holland when I want some serious competition I drive for more than one hour to play for 3/4 hours.
I rarely play online because of this.

If you really want to be competitive you have to realize that online is a different metagame.
Some things work online which don’t work offline and vice versa.
To name a quick example footsies in general are ALOT more effective offline than online.
Because of the slight delay (even on a good connection) whiff punishes are less effective and are more a game of yomi than reactions.

As for training mode. I can give you my ‘workout’ so to speak. How I got at this level I am now.

As you stated yourself, execution is key into getting better. Learn which characters you can tatsu sweep and make sure you can land it 99%.
The way I learned this was ‘The Juicebox Method’.
You set a goal for yourself, say, hit st.hp xx tatsu, sweep 30 times clean after eachother.
If you mess up on the 28th time, you start at one again.
If you can hit that everyday 30 times clean you will not mess it up in game.
Not only because your muscle memory has taken it in but also your confidence.
It’s such a boost in a critical moment and prevents choking because you tell yourself ‘I can do this 30 times in a row everyday for the last year I will not fuck this up’.

If you run into something you don’t know how to punish, go into training mode and check it out how to punish it.
Ofcourse, frame data helps alot in this but some moves have different advantages where the most common move is slide.
You can, for example, punish deep slides with a jab (which is pretty easy) and medium ranged slides with a reversal srk.
I wanted to know the specific ranges when what would work.
It boggles the opponents mind to punish things THEY didn’t know could be punished.
Not only the slide but also balrogs horizontal smash (armour breaker) can be punished from close to midrange with reversal hard tatsu.
These kind of things make you so much more confident in a matchup that you will perform better in general.
Going into a matchup and getting hit by shit you don’t know how to punish or how to avoid is the worst way to lose.

To get even deeper into that if you REALLY understand maj’s footsiehandbook you will never lose to an inferior opponent.
This is, ofcourse, in combination with the matchup knowledge I mentioned in the previous paragraph.
The most important thing mentioned in the footsiehandbook is standing neutral.
This is something I taught myself to use over the last couple of months.
The thing is, the most natural reaction to someone standing neutral is a low attack, for example, ryu’s cr.mk.
But, if you just stand a eenie wheenie bit out of cr.mk’s range while standing neutral the cr.mk’s animation will overlap your animation but IT WILL NOT HIT.
Then sweep, vortex for 20 sec, done. (you get the idea)

As for akuma’s biggest strength the vortex.
I will not go to deeply into that because theres a whole thread dedicated to setups with a few vids featuring loads and loads of setups.
All I can say, when you can’t use a setup consistently use training mode to iron it out.

Then last but not least.
Fireball zoning is an important part of akumas game, although some pro akumas avoid using it at all.
In some matches you can just annoy the opponent into making mistakes with a solid fireball game.
For example Fei Long, you can bait him dashing forward with a backward empty jump and sweep his dash if you conditioned him to dash under fireballs.
Another important thing you should learn is cr.mk xx demon. When you can make people jump this is your best anti air by far.

Now THIS is a wall of tekst.

Maybe ill add some more info later

Cheers, In a similar position myself and this is very helpful.

Keep the replies coming!

Tnx for the Huge reply MooiboyRoy,

unfortunatly i’m telling you the truth when I say I have no friends near or far nor a SF community (in real life) to use as an “experience pool” to grow up faster.
Due to my job I have no chance to play other than Online so that’s what it is.

The frustrating thing is that the Online can turn your playing experience in a nightmare … last night I fought 10 games against a Ryu who jumped backward and forward all the time mixing the thing up with SRK grab and fireball and i didn’t found any way to break his game except on 2 match over 10…

but as Skywalkin said, I beg u all to keep posting ur experience coz maybe you have forgot how difficult is to start learning such a game that’s not noob friendly at all. it really really helps ppl like me.
I have the tendency to stop reacting to situation rushing blindly and sometimes even a little tips helps a lot. for example yesterday night I followed this MooiboyRoy tip

and I’ve felt an increase in readiness cos I can backdash or focus backdash better than when i hold crouch block position for all the match. so please keep posting advice :wink:

a technical question


let’s say i want to learn how to punish a blocked Tiger Knee, I have to set the training room with dummy Sagat blocking then executing the knee then blocking asap right? then as Akuma try my pool of moves and BnB and Special to stuff it on startup or to punish on block am i right? cos the big problem is that after few try u feel the timing and u success 100% but I think it’s the training room limit isn’t it?

Yes, that’s how you learn to punish moves in training mode. Record the dummy doing the move and then hold down back.

If you’re on xbox360 we can have a few games and we can talk about how you could improve.

Btw, 10 matches a day are definitely NOT enough if you wanna become any good. More like 100 a day, heheh! I know you might not have time because after I started working I’m in your same situation, but that’s just how it is. Damn, I miss university, heheh!

I miss university too… but usually I play from 12 pm to 1:30 am … more or less 30 match per night unfortunately only on PSN!! :frowning:

Ah, that’s too bad. If you’re on PSN we can have some Vanilla SF4 matches, heheh! I want to taste the Akuma brokenesses again =D