A little help on midscreen unblockable partition

I always mess up doing this, its the basic setup

cr.hp -> mk.tackle -> aegis -> rh.tackle -> dash -> headbutt

I can partition my headbutt PERFECTLY after a mk.tackle (whiffed or not) but for the rh.tackle I always end up not executing it properly (2/10 tries). Anytips on how to perfect this? I went through training mode a LOT of times to perfect it but i just cant seem to get it right. Are there any audio cues if any?

I star charging ASAP after doing the motion for the tackle. But if you say that you can do it with a mk tackle, and not with the hk, I suposse that you’re charging too much. Just start to charge a LITTLE bit later.


this info is all in emphys thread.

I had trouble doing this for awhile also. I use to charge the tackle during Aegis freeze, BUFFERED the tackle, dash etc. It wouldn’t work. I started to charge for the headbutt a little bit before they hit the Aegis, dash+charge then headbutt.

Try it. You probably are overcharging. The MK tackle does not give you a charge as long as RH does.

I start charging a little before the HK tackle hits in unison with the Aegis… but I also start it off with an lk tackle.