A little help please


Ive been playing ssf4/ae on Xbox360 for a while now, im still playing Ryu cause many people say its a good character to start learning the basics.

Im currently a C-rank and im kinda stuck there, so i was hoping if any one here could play a few matches against me to see where i need to work on, and to fix my “mistakes”

i have a lot of problems with players that put a lot of pressure, and i find it hard to find space to start combos other then after a jump-in or cross-over.



Don’t get too worked up about being a C rank. Online rank is not a true measure of skill. If you can, find people in your area and play with them. You’ll definitely learn something. Use SRK’s Regional Matchmaking forum.

Thanks for your reply, il check it out

Dont worry about your rank.Honestly i wouldnt recommend ranked at all…you have a better chance of finding good players in endless imo.Also for online play i would recommend adding any really good players you come across as they are pretty rare.If possible definitely play locally.

Friend request me on xbl. My tag is rashed786.

Dont worry about ranking. I’m not brilliant but I’ve used Ryu(only ryu) since sf4 vanilla so I’ve got a good idea how to use him.