A little help please

So I’ve been playing a lot of Q and i think i got the character down pretty good. I’m making this post because there is one thing I’m just not getting.

The dash punch hit confirm into SA1 is giving me a lot of trouble. Not even just hit confirming, but linking the two is hard. I’ve played fighting games my whole life and I just cant seem to link the two together 100% of the time. Right now I’m at about 25% which is far from good enough. Just wanted to know what the trick is.

I know SF3 likes slow supers, so I normally grind them out pretty slow. But when linking the 2 moves slow isn’t really going to work. I also tried to do the; hold back, half circle forward P to trigger the dash punch and then one more quarter circle P to get the super. This NEVER works for me. Anyone have any tip?

As for other stuff like parrying fireballs into ex dash punch and C.D.blow into double dash punch I have no trouble. Its just this linking into SA1.

i just mash down and forward and square right when i hit , its not to hard lol.

EDIT: if your on a stick i here its harder to do qcf twice faster on reaction

This will work on the light punch version but not the others.

You just need to get the timing right, you can do the 2xqcf slightly before the punch connects if you want, but hold out on the punch until you know you connected.

he speaks truth^^^ ive seen it

Just after it hits do it again…practice makes perfect man :tup:

when i first picked hugo i couldnt 360…now i 360/720 behind my back :lol:

I personally just buffer the dcf everytime I dash punch, and I’ll dab all punches on hitconfirm.

Yeah, I just buffer and piano.

I also find it slightly ironic that a guy with the name “rush down” is asking about Q, lol

I used to play MvC2

Ah, see? That was your first mistake.

Well, that’s how you do it. Whenever you do a dash punch, always input back, down-back, down, down-toward, toward+punch, down, down-toward, and toward. If the dash punch hits, all you have to do is drum the punch buttons and your super will come out. Just practice for a while, you’ll get it.

I always play low tier characters… its a better win.

I have the same problem as Rush Down had and that has been very helpful, thanks.

Instead of of going 41236+p, 236 and punch when the dash hits, could I just do a regular dash punch and buffer the QCFx2 motion and hit punch when the dash hits? I tried doing it this way but it’s much harder to land.

Does the QCFx2 have to be done precisely before Q hits the opponent or could it be right at the beginning of the dash with a punch after Q dashes across the screen and hits the opponent?

TBH I have the same problem with my Urien’s Tackle xx SAIII so learning this is essential for both my Q and Urien play.

you can do it whenever, you jsut have a certain amount of time to hit confirm, usually only enough time to react and hit a button.

and thats why we buffer.

I’m getting the hang of it, thanks. The timing sure is strict.