A little help with a mod


[LEFT]ok, I’ve got the Sloth’s Minimalist Hit Spark Mod on the go at the moment an I love it.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]But I’ve found that now, the smoke effect is really starting to piss me off. Every time I hop forward it’s like my characters feet are on fire. Maybe it’s just me but it stands out so much, I think it looks dumb. So I want to removal all the smoke effects.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I was just wondering if anyone has come across the files? I’ve been searching for it but… I’ve looked in the stages, but I think it would be a common effect like the hitsparks so it would be in the same folder right? [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Street Fight X Tekken\resource\CMN\battle\vfx[/LEFT]
[LEFT]If someone could make a quick mod for me or tell me where the files are, so I can do it myself, it would be great…[/LEFT]
[LEFT]oh an sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong section. I can only see sub-forums for characters so I thought I’d post it here.[/LEFT]